When you are trying to find or work out what your Elvis trading cards value is, there are a number of different options and avenues that you can undertake. Hopefully this article will be able to provide you with an appropriate route for you to take to help find a valuation on your Elvis card or even your entire Elvis card collection.

A fairly easy and simple option would be to go manually through certain sites online that might be able to place some kind of valuation on your Elvis playing card. Depending on your card type of course, but a search term into a search engine such as google, like '1956 Elvis Presley Cards Value' might be able to provide you with a page with some valuable information. (From that particular search term I have found sites that offering single cards like the 'Go, Go, Go, Elvis' card at $50.) 

If this fails I would go on to Amazon.com and see if they are actually selling your specific collection or individual card, you might be surprised as to how many different Elvis cards there are actually for sale on Amazon. If you manage to find this value, this may give you an indication as to the kind of value they are currently being sold for. It might be an idea to get in touch with the seller and ask some further queries surrounding the card, you never know they might actually reply.

I would then go on to check eBay, there are literally hundreds of Elvis Playing card collections and individual Elvis Presley trading cards for sale here, right from the very first collection in 1956 to the modern era of 2010 Elv75. Be specific with your search, try and type in a search term with the name of the collection along with the year that the card collection was being produced. Hopefully there will be a card on there similar to yours and this could give you a clearer idea as to the price, also be sure to check out previously sold Elvis Presley cards on eBay  as well. Again, it might even be worth getting in touch with some of the sellers of those cards and see if they can give you a rough estimate as to its value.

Try and getting in touch with online shops that are actually selling Elvis trading cards like shopelvis.com and get in touch with them via their 'contact us' page, they might be kind enough and knowledge enough to actually give you a decent reply, they could even throw in an offer to make a purchase.

The next route that I would take would be to go to your local Elvis fan club and bring your collection along to see if anyone there can give you an estimate as to the valuation of your Elvis Presley card collection. I would also go to forums online that are dedicated to the King and start a thread specifically relating to your query on you wondering how much your Elvis card is worth and there just might be a member who will be able to give you a pretty detailed answer.

There are also guide books out there that are dedicated to telling you the price of Elvis merchandise and memorabilia, perhaps give one of them a quick look. However, you will most likely find that these are out of date and they have been also known to be somewhat inaccurate.

If all else fails you will probably have to end up paying to find out your Elvis trading cards value by a professional or a specialised card dealer.