Elvis trading cards are among one of the many collectors' precious collections which are adopted almost in any parts of the world. Though this stiff cards are not like any sports cards available in the market that has a monetary value, these cards are still a colector's delight.

In memory of the greatest American singer of the 20th century and the King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley, the production of these cards has been a phenomenon. Many of the companies have manufactured different cards like these to depict and illustrate the songs of Elvis through images on the trading cards. These cards has already reached 4 different series which basically has a set of 220 cards from 660 trading cards that contains information of his life, career, properties, and other stuffs like concerts and albums. These also includes colorful images of Elvis Presley on Series 1 and 2 of these cards sets. Series 3 of this is the latest and rarest version, while Series 4, the official album has the ultimate combination of all and has the complete 660 cards set.

Elvis Presley's best known songs that has images illustrations in these trading cards includes "Teddy Bear", "Don't be Cruel", "Jail House Rock", "Crying in Chapel", and "Hardheaded Woman" among others. Elvis Presley is among the best artist who had a versatile voice that had captured the world until now. He was awarded the best solo artist in the history of popular music and been awarded 3 Grammy Awards including Lifetime Achievement Award at the age of 36 that made him inducted for 4 Music Hall of Fame.

Elvis being a cultural icon has influenced the world through his music. This made him so popular not only during the 20th century but also today. His songs are still one of the favorite old-time hits that ever sung by today's generation. The King of Rock 'n Roll still lives in every heart of the world even he died more than 30 years already. The Elvis Presley fever is still alive. As a matter of fact, many people are still celebrating Elvis' death anniversaries worldwide through having Elvis look-a-like and sing-a-like events. There are still Elvis wannabes and followers even in the internet. The King is truely a legend. Therefore these Elvis Trading Cards are one of the greatest idea to make Elvis live forever, and surely this cards will never run out on the market.