Email is still relevant today!

With the advent of new forms of social media marketing on the internet such as facebook, twitter, and tumblr, email marketing may seem inferior or old fashioned. The internet marketer of today may have the image of the typical email user as an older internet unsavvy person; usually not your ideal target audience. However, email marketing still holds a place of value in the internet marketers “play book”.

            One of the biggest reasons for the continued use of email for marketing reasons you’re your company is the simple fact that almost everyone has an email address, usually multiple. Email is still readily used by almost everyone who has a presence online. You can decide to target any audience you wish but you can be guaranteed that they have an email address of some sort. One should not look at social media markets such as those mentioned before in a competitive or hierarchical sense, rather, look at them to be used in a joint fashion with email marketing. Through the combined efforts of websites like twitter, facebook, and tumblr you can accomplish many things with email. Setting up a weekly email newsletter or mailing list for those who subscribe is an idea many have taken a liking too. Email in connection to social media also allows a business to create more personalized messages for their customers. Such practices have been found to bridge the gap between a business and its customers and make them feel better about the company as well as its services.

            Using email as a means of marketing can be seen as very cost effective activity as well. Email marketing allows one to continue to hold their customers attention without the cost and time of graphic design, postage, and printing that goes in hand with a more conventional direct mail approach. Since you no longer depend on traditional mailing methods to contact your customers, you cut correspondence time, save money, all while increasing positive responses. Email is also seen as an expediter because it is possible to make the entire process automated granted the business owner uses the correct tools.

            Email marketing is a tried and true machine. It is an extremely efficient method that should be taken into serious consideration by every business owner. When employed effectively it opens multiple new paths of revenue for one’s company while saving time and money. The activity has been eclipsed by the newer methods involving strictly social networking marketing but must not be forgotten because its relevance is evident in online and offline business today.