Mailchimp recently increased their “freemium” service limit to 2,000 monthly emails, effectively reaching out to even more small businesses, new entrepreneurs and new marketers. The move comes right around the same time new studies about email marketing came about revealing it to being the most effective marketing tool… if you do it right.

A study revealed that 48% of people who subscribe to marketing updates or marketing newsletter have actually made a purchase and have, in fact, spent 138% times more. More than half actually use coupons they get from emails and most of them use it within the week. There is also the 58 percent who actually look forward to the email updates and 45% who spends more than an hour of their week browsing through marketing emails.

Email marketing’s potential is undeniable and it remains to be the most intimate line you will ever have to a customer.

This brings out the next issue. It is but wise for email marketers to use email marketing services such as MailChimp or Emercury. However, which one really provides the better value.


Email Marketing Showdown: MailChimp vs Emercury vs Greenrope

MailChimp is the leading email marketing service. They have over 3 million users in over 20 countries.


  • Free 2,000 fee emails monthly, they call this the “freemium”. They are the pioneers in free monthly emails. They started giving away free 1,000 emails monthly
  • Hundreds of templates to customize your email or newsletter. Each of the template may be customized by dragging and dropping images
  • Social sharing
  • Results tracking and analytics
  • Auto responders
  • List segmentation based on engagement, location, social stats and more, so you can tailor your message to the people reading it
  • API to sync their customer databases, CMSs and shopping carts

Their interface is one of the easiest to use. Their expertise over design is evident even in their web site. It is clean and is optimised for user experience. That spills over to the actual email marketing service. You can literally open an account today and be able to launch your campaign today. It is this ease of use that makes MailChimp the most successful mail service company today.

What’s lacking

If you start comparing it to other email marketing services, you will notice how limited their features are even when you subscribe to their paid plans.

  • Limited analytics. Don’t expect breakthrough insights from the analytics MailChimp will provide. The data you will get is pretty much basic and there isn’t a lot of room for customization. For example, you will not be able track the movement of every email on your list. That means you will not a have a database of your list with corresponding information on what email, message, offer, and other data a specific email clicked
  • Limited social media integration. You cannot scan social networks and bash the email you have against the mail addresses used to register on these social networks. Having this information would help the marketer increase the value of the email and also get a more intimate knowledge on their list
  • Delivery guarantee. About half of Americans change their emails every year. That means your list can also become stale after one year. When you get a list with more than 10% inactive email, your email service will only deliver about 44% to your list. MailChimp does not guarantee that this will not happen to you.



Emercury may not be as well known as MailChimp but they have established themselves as a leader in technology when it comes to email marketing innovation.


  • Free 2,000 fee emails monthly and they don’t require billing information during the trial period
  • Like MailChimp, they have hundreds of templates to choose from and each is customisable to make it more consistent with your brand
  • They provide 24/7 personalized service that makes resolution of issues faster and more efficient. You can also ask for a more personalized “tutorial service”
  • They have a proprietary technology that provides you a sophisticated and intelligent analytics. This technology will read and interpret the behaviour of the emails on your list.  This will allow you to segment your list so you can come up with more specific and targeted promos or marketing campaigns
  • List segmentation based on engagement, location, social stats and more
  • API to sync their customer databases, CMSs and shopping carts

Emercury is the only email provider that boasts of a unique and proprietary technology meant to profile each email on your list. This profiling system will allow marketers to customize their campaign like never before.

What’s lacking

For a company that supposedly takes pride in coming up with campaigns that attract attention and deliver results, they sure have a website that doesn’t seem to represent their expertise. They have a text-heavy website. It feels so cluttered that it is easy to be turned off by it.

They also don’t have more specific plans for heavy users. It seems that they have poured their energy into getting new customers that they have forgotten to come up with plans for their long-time customers or for heavy users.


Greenrope is a general digital marketing company and email marketing is just one aspect of their overall business. However, it does provide them with the capacity to offer more specific features that potentially allow you to come up with more intricate or complicated marketing campaigns.


  • Social media profile import
  • Campaign tracking and reports
  • Multilingual Campaign Reach
  • Mobile device support
  • Cloud monitoring and service
  • Marketing Campaign Templates ( cross sell template, upsell template, event template, etc)
  • Landing pages personalized design and template
  • Newsletter personalized design and template
  • IP lead capture
  • SEO Measurement (keyword effectiveness, keyword rank, keyword rank trends, etc)


What’s lacking

Like MailChimp, they don’t have the technology that will allow you to profile your subscriber in the detail that Emercury can. Their analytics are very basic.

Their templates are not as attractive as those of MailChimp and Emercury. They are clean but if you want to come up with more aesthetically pleasing designs, you will have to rely on the images that you will use.

Their interface is also not as easy to navigate as MailChimp. It is not complicated and certainly not frustrating but you can’t expect the same “ease of use” that MailChimp offers. You will definitely need, at least, one whole day to get yourself acquainted and used to their system.