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In this article I would like to talk about the way you can use your email to promote your referral links, websites and blogs to help you recruit new people in time. Most website owners, Internet marketers and Affiliates try any method they can to get their website address/URL in the front of as many eye as possible. I bet your saying eyes? Yes eyes because if people don't see your website address/URL you miss an opportunity for people to actually click on your website address/URL.

If you have an Internet business I'm sure you email people everyday several times a day.

Here are two tactics you could use to your advantage. First make sure you have a signature link at the bottom of your email because when someone receives email from you over and over again eventually (hopefully) the recipient will click on your website address/URL. This has happened to me. I send emails to family and friends all the time and all of a sudden I have received emails asking me about my website and what exactely is it all about. I then write them an email with the specifics and links and a few family and friends have started to follow my lead. They joined a few revenue sharing websites and they are now writing online. Besides enjoying writing articles online they are getting a kick out of earning a little revenue. They now see what I see and they are working hard growing an Internet business.

The second method is to put your email on vacation mode. When someone sends you an email your email program automatically sends anyone who sends you an email and automatic response. You might be asking why you would want to do that? Programing your email to vacation mode automatically sends the person who sent you an email with your advertisement in it. Either a person is sending you their promotion of a business opportunity or they are family and friends. Marketing online is a numbers game and it's repetitious. Eventually someone will click on your web address/URL.


I hope this article taught you another method of automatic marketing online. Every little bit adds up.


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