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If you're planning an upcoming party and need a way to create party invitations, you may want to consider that more and more people are using technology with email and all the new smart phones on the market. One great and free way to have a party while staying within a budget and quickly notifying your friends and family of a party is to use evite to email party invitations. This is especially helpful when you'd like to have an impromtu party with little notice just to gather friends.

If many of your friends and family are using email frequently, evite is a great way for you to save money on postage, the cost of invitations and writing out all the details.

Evite can help you to set up your party, organize your invitation list, keep track of your rsvp's, plan party foods and decorations and more. Here's an easy way to utilize this very handy party invitation site.

Features of using Evite:

Anyone can set up a free account at simply using your email address and password.

Once your account is set up, click on 'create invitation'. You'll be taken to a large assortment of featured designs for almost any kind of party from birthday, showers, girls night, football party, pool party, bachelorette party, cocktail party, graduation and many more.

Choose the design that most appeals to you based on your type of party, click on the template and you'll notice that there's a premade form that allows you to enter all the details of your party such as date, time, place and an area to leave a personalized message to your guests.

The next step allows you to add all the email addresses of your family, friends and neighbors or to import those contacts from your computer by using the import contacts feature.

Next, you can customize your header and rsvp area as well as add your own photo and some information about the party.

Save the party invitation as a draft so that you can view it, make any changes and when you like the look of it, simply save and send. Evite emails your party invitation for you with a copy to your own email.

You can also get party menu ideas for your event on the website, party decoration ideas, add music to the invitation and schedule email reminders to your guests.

You'll get an email notice when anyone replies to your party which helps you know who and how many guests are coming to your event. You are also given an option to not allow guests to see who else is coming if you'd rather they not see that or if you'd rather it's a surprise.

Plan party decorations

Extra Features:

Under the entertaining area you'll find loads of recipes and ideas to host the perfect get together for any occasion.

Find the party tools area which can even allow you to calculate the budget for the type of party you've chosen as well as determine how much alcohol or other beverages you will need for the amount of guests you've invited. Get yourself a tiered cupcake stand on sale and other party supplies from with free shipping fast to your door for the perfect addition to your event.



The checklist area is a great way to help you know when to shop, when to start decorating, when to prepare the food, when to light the candles etc. and really helps you to be super organized to have the best party for yourself and your friends. Save money on party invitations so you can buy fun and unique party decorations such as this cool inflatable beer/soda cooler for great prices on

Enjoy and Have fun - Plan a Party today!

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