Email productivity Email Productivity Tips How to get the most time and efficiency out of changing your email habits 1) Stop checking your email inbox Turn off automatic checking immediately if you have it on, or resist and curb the urge to hit the refresh button on your email client. If it is so important that you need to know about it immediately, then they should be calling you. If they don't know about that, make sure they do. Beyond that, there should be no email that will require your 24/7 presence at your email device. This is all the more true when there is a period of time where you will not be able to do anything about it. Weekends and overseas vacations come to mind. Keep them aware and to expect delays. 2) Set Email Checking Sessions and stick to that schedule Keep aside a few dedicated periods for dealing with email every single day or week and check for new messages only then. Stick to it. This also forces you to be more selective and effective. Any downtime is a fine time to prune, articulate and refine tasks and projects as is related to your email. Thinking doesn't have to be done while the email inbox is connected to the internet! If you only open your inbox a few times every week or day, this way you can have more time to devote on anything and everything but redundant administration. 3) Review your email handling technique This is quite a big one, so we'll break it into the following 4) Set up smart filters Certain good terms to look out for are specific senders or subjects Use a software that you can find about anywhere in the links online ad on the web that will notify you of mail that are worth the interruption into your schedule leave all other messages to (2) and only turn to them once or twice during those sessions. 5) Purge without Mercy start by Picking/sniping away the short ones - If you can remove a message with a 1-2 line response in a few seconds to a minute, do it! Keep in mind this is about getting things done, not thinking and reorganising things. Get it off your agenda list and put your attention back to something more important. More importantly, don't end up in the trap of thinking too much and subsequently also writing too much and spending up to half an hour to 45 minutes over the same piece of electronic document. If it needed this long, you might as well be a tenured professor writing a thesis! it is definitely not useful to sit and muse over all the postponed mail two or three times or over and over again. If you're not going to answer them now, and you're not gonna answer them later, just delete them, or blow it off with a 1-2 line reply. 6) If it's important, get them to use the phone instead Finally and once again, if its dead important, like if the stock markets just crashed again, ask them to escalate it to call status. Get them to pick up a phone and start dialing.