Email Security - The Importance of Email Security in the Workplace

Why is email security so important?  It's mind-boggling that such a question is still asked in today's workplaces, but it's absolutely essential.  Businesses that don't practice some sort of security procedure as it pertains to company email are asking for a world of trouble, and with all the security risks out there, it doesn't make sense not to do something about it.  There are serious consequences for leaving company email open for thieves and phishers to get their hands on; however, it's very simple to keep such a thing from happening.

Let's begin with the basics—Trojan horses and viruses.  You've probably seen them, and if you were able to spot them right away and delete them promptly, good for you.  However, there are still people who fall for this old trick of infecting a network with a virus.  An example of a Trojan horse is a virus that comes as a seemingly harmless attachment.  The email sender appears to be someone you know or someone you work with, so you think it's not a big deal if you open it.  Once you do, it infects your computer and quickly works its way through the email network of the entire company.  Everyone on your list is infected, and their email accounts will soon be sending out the same emails to everyone they know, and so on.  It's a chain reaction that could have devastating effects on a network.  This could be avoided with a little email security.

Phishing is another common email security breach.  This is one that hits people both at work and at home.  Instead of sending you attachments, the email itself is the Trojan horse, often using some sort of false emergency, such as the bank "misplacing" your money.  You'll end up at a seeming innocuous website that looks a lot like the real thing—only the information you're entering isn't going to a legitimate destination, but to a identify thief.  At the workplace, it could be an email that looks like it's coming from a co-worker, but the exact same result is the consequence.  If you don't take email security serious enough, things like this happen.

So, what can you do to improve your email security at work?  The best thing you can do is be more vigilant about the emails you send and receive.  It helps if you're doing your part to reduce possible security breaches.  You've dealt with spam and viruses at home, but the consequences of lax security at work can be widespread and damaging.