How to Manage email Signatures Across an Enterprise

The form that we communicate in speaks volumes about the businesses we work in. In the pre-digital age, companies put a lot of effort into creating nice looking letterhead. Today email is the preferred method of communicating so many businesses go to great lengths to standardize email signatures. 

In my last company efforts to standardize email signatures with common font, contact information, and social media links failed miserably for these reasons:

  • Many of the users were not technically savvy enough to implement the new signature in outlook, even with directions
  • No thought was given to implementing the signature across blackberries and iPhones
  • personal were spread out across the country with IT support centralized.  There was no one to walk up to a computer and fix the signature
  • turnover meant that there was always new people who needed to be trained on implementing the email signature
  • the marketing person putting out the signature was not well connected to the IT contractor assigning new email accounts. 

I figured there must be a better way to standardize the company image in emails - and sure enough there are simple software solutions.

Multi-Platform Email Brand Management

Branding is important and every marketing person knows this.  A consistent branding strategy applied to the thousands of messages your team send out can really pay off.  It's hard to get more targeted in marketing then to include a timely marketing message within emails to everyone you do business with. However, in today's digital environment it is increasingly difficult for corporations to align their brand standards with their employee's electronic communication practices.

A product like eMailSignature's centrally managed email signature solution can quickly establish a the consistent identity that marketing is looking for  The eMailSignature product can be utilized across multiple platforms such as Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Blackberry Smartphones.

Email Signature Management DiagramCredit:

Because email management software it is centrally controlled, compliance is automatic for everyone in the organization.  Central control that is seamless to the user eliminates the training required to set up and make changes on email signatures.  With email management software, a single point desktop or server can manage email signature content, images and styles that create a single unified branded email look across the organization.

The diagram shows a typical email management software install.  It assigns a small executable file to each user every time they log in to the email client.  In this way, the settings database gives the most up to date signature to the user and appends it to the user's outbound mail.

Different Options

There are a number of different companies in the email signature management space with different features and cost structures.  Be sure to research their offerings before putting forward the preferred solution to your team.  Some companies target Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) while others are geared to Fortune 500 companies and government clients.   

Issues to consider include:

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to work across all platforms your company users are working with
  • cost of licenses
  • transferability of licenses
  • does the email management software tie into the system you use for allocating and managing email accounts?