1. Email tips - marketing your business via email, was never anything I liked to do. I always felt like I was spamming and bothering people. So I was never attracted to any of these mass mailings for a fee. Nor was I big on the "list building" and just didn't like to bother anyone via email to sell my products. The other choice of course, was paid advertising, such as google ads, but my budget was small, and I just didn't feel I would get the customers.

But I did discover one great email tip, that worked for me, and is something you should consider if your advertising or marketing budget is small or non existent!.

The main ingredient for this recipe for success is a few good friends or relatives. You know, friends that would support your new business, and love to hear about it, and show interest in your home business ideas, and have been with you from the start, and think your products are great.

Once you have gathered your best friends, and have their email addresses, then you can come up with a marketing campaign, or just a simple link to your website, blog or items for sale (such as on Ebay or Etsy) with a short but to the point paragraph about it, like a news release.

Send this email to those best friends, and ask them, if they like your little marketing plug, to pass it on to other good friends and family of their own. This way you are not really spamming, you got permission to send your email to your friends, and they will send to other friends. Also known as "viral marketing".

If you know your friends well enough, and you have previously discussed your intent, then they are likely to send your link and advert to people they think would be interested. Rather than signing up for a mass email and paying for a service to do this, you are more likely to get targeted and interested customers via your friends.

It is far better to only send to a few but totally interested potential customers, than to mass mail ous, pay big dollars, and hope for a few clicks on your link from somewhere around the world.

2. Email tips - marketing your website, by putting a link in your signature line. This works well too. If you write to a lot of people via email, you can program your email to always have a link under your name. Or a signature line. You see them on emails from many businesses that show the name and their title.

If you go into your email program, you can have an automatic signature line. Just make sure your link or signature line uses important keywords so that potential customers know what your site, blog or product is about before they click on it.

3. Email tips - marketing your link of other products you have for sale. If you sell on line with sites such as Ebay or Etsy or your own website, and you sell a product, you can mail your customer a "thank you for purchasing" email, and include a few links to other products that are similar to the one they just purchased. This way you are once again, sending marketing emails to targeted potential customers.

This customer has already bought from you, and therefore is interested in what you have to sell, so by thanking them for their business, you can let them know of your other products. But be careful here, you don't want to spam, or keep their email on any kind of mailing list. You can send them the thank you for your purchase email, and send some links to other products, as well as "invite" them to be on your mailing list. If they do not respond, then DO NOT keep emailing them, this will only upset them and they will not want anything to do with your business.

I had this happen. I purchased a product online, and I received the thank you for your purchase email, which was very well written and I read it, and clicked on the links to some of their other products, but I did not agree to go on any mailing list, (but of course they had my email address from the original purchase I made). I saved the links to the other products to look at later as I was interested, but got busy over the next few weeks. Before I knew it, all kinds of annoying emails and newsletters were coming from this business. This put me off and I deleted the link. I did NOT agree to be on their mailing list, and now they lost a customer.

So, you have to be careful with your email marketing campaign, but if you do it right, it will become "viral" and the word about your website, blog or products will get known. It may take a little longer than paid advertising, but will definitely be worth the wait, as you will get targeted potential customers, and hopefully repeat customers!