Have you ever wondered, why buy embarrassing items in the store when you can buy them online instead, and what are the most embarrassing items you can buy in person? There are a ton of items I find that are simply just too embarrassing for me to buy in a store. I am a little self-conscious and always think that the girl behind the counter is judging me! So instead of causing myself the embarrassment and buying something embarrassing in a store, I choose to buy these products online at Amazon instead.

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The Top 5 Most Embarrassing Things to Buy in Person

- Jock Itch Cream, Jock Itch Powders and Jock Itch Soaps!

Seriously, Jock Itch, or Tinea Cruris, can be disgusting. How do guys get Jock Itch? unfortunately it is common in guys who work out often and sweat, and either don't wash their clothes or are dirty and don't shower, but it can happen to almost all of us.

Jock Itch(122258)Credit: drugstore.comSo, why embarrass yourself in front of that cute counter girl at CVS? There are plenty of ways to buy jock itch products online, and you can even get some of them for cheaper than in a store.

I list some of the best Jock Itch Creams here if you are suffering from this unfortunate condition. Thankfully there are cheap solutions to solving this problem.

- Anti-Diarrheal Medicine

Anti-DiarrheaCredit: ebay.comI think this really is something that eventually everyone will need in their lifetime, at one point or another. Diarrhea is gross but it is common! How embarrassing is it to walk up to the counter and hand this over to the person at the register? You are basically telling them, "Hello, I have diarrhea."

Diarrhea is not fun to have, either. Imagine being on the toilet at a girlfriend or boyfriends house and hearing their parents in the other room while you are doing your loud business. You're really going to want to buy this to prevent that from happening!

You might want to consider throwing in some other items to distract from it, or you can buy it online. With a good anti-diarrheal medicine, you can overcome this nasty condition - just make sure you don't tell anyone your problem!

- Female and Male Contraceptives 

Buying birth control or condoms in public has never really been something I've been comfortable doing. What if you're a large-size man and in need of some Magnum's? This could be quite embarrassing to buy in public. Buying items like female vaginal contraceptive sponges, vaginal contraceptive gels, tampons, and other items can be just as embarrassing. Buying personal lubricants is another one, too.

What about pills to prevent pre-mature ejaculation? Male enhancement formulas? Just buy female and male contraceptives online instead and avoid the embarrassment!

Other Embarrassing Items to Buy In a Store

Pubic shavers, male rogaine formula, nose hair trimmers, female and male pleasure toys, etc.

Maybe you are someone who is comfortable with themselves and doesn't care what other people think - I applaud you if you are! Unfortunately I am someone who is a little insecure about buying these things in public!

Buy these embarrassing items online instead of buying them in a store!