This is Currently Only a Test

There have been many questions in the forums at InfoBarrel about writing video articles. This has gotten much easier with the new InfoBarrel editor. Let's go through some of the steps of creating a video article and become aware of some of the pitfalls along the way.

There are two different Elements you will be using in the InfoBarrel editor for this project. An Element is the section of the article creation screen where you can input text, image or video. You will need to use Text Elements for creating the main body of the article, and then you will use a Video Element for embedding the video into the article.

You will definitely want to start out with some type of written article/description for the article. If you insert the Video Element first it will really throw off the formatting. Also, if you are going to have an article that is long enough to activate the skyscraper ad on the left, you need to write enough of your text to get you past the ads before inserting the first video. If you don't do this then your formatting will not be the way you want it.

After you have your first bit of text the way you want, then you can insert your first one using a Video Element. Click the button for the video and paste in the address for the YouTube video. You do not need the embed code, only the address of the page that the content is on.

Below I show what the H2 and H3 headings look like when inserting the video.

This is the H2 Heading

This is the H3 Heading

This is a text element below. Therefore, I have three elements for this article. Two of them are text and one is a video element. My preference is to insert all content into a single element for an article. This keeps you from having spacing problems that crop up from time to time in the new InfoBarrel website.

Besides the formatting issues mentioned above, you also want to pay attention to your font choices. Because you cannot change the font for the headings of a Video Element, you want to use the default font on your article. If you change the main font of your article to a sans-serif font (which is better for on-screen reading) you will still have a serif font when using the H2 and H3 headings for the video if you use them. The way to get around this is to not using those items in the Video Element and place all the text in your Text Element above the video.

Previously you had to upload the content directly to InfoBarrel to make them work. Now you are able to pull from any YouTube content and link it right into the article.

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