Keep up with today's technology and use QR Codes in your Marketing!

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Quick Response Codes more commonly known as QR Codes are becoming very popular within the marketing sector as organizations aim to use the technology to promote their products. 

Have you seen advertising billboards down the street, at the airports or at the supermarket with a strange looking barcode recently? This is what’s known as a QR Code.

QR Codes enables users of a smartphone or iPad / tablet to “scan” the code for previously inputted information.



Users can scan the following types of codes inside of QR Code Reader:

  • URL – Opens in SafariSideys Apps- QR CodesCredit:
  • Email – Opens in the Mail app
  • SMS – Opens in the SMS app
  • Telephone – Opens in the Phone app
  • Geographic – Opens in the Maps app
  • Plain Text – Opens in an integrated text reader

And more...

Simply aim your iOS device at a QR Code and before you know it you will have the information your searching for!

The QR Code was invented in 1994 by the Japanese Automotive industry to track cars during the manufacturing process. The QR Code was then seen be useful in a wider range of applications, including consumer advertising, entertainment and transport ticketing and product marketing.

Some products may require a large amount of information to explain what they actually do with limited adverting space. The user may then be directed to a YouTube clip, customized website or even a phone number to contact the sales department.

Businesses can utilize websites such as to create their own personalized QR Codes to promote their interests. These codes can then be placed or the businesses website and products.

 In order to scan the QR Codes, users need to have a QR Code Reader installed on their smartphone. This can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play where there are hundreds of free Apps and paid versions. Some versions have slightly better features than others however the basic free versions will do the job required.

As times change businesses need to embrace the QR Code technology and maintain the infrastructure behind the scenes to drive sales and promote their products effectively..