How many people have you saved? I know you may not be in the life saving business. You may not be a fireman, a police officer, a nurse, a social worker, a pastor or someone that lives for helping people. But you can save someone today.

Home is where the heart is, but where is your heart when it comes to the homeless?

Homeless (22300)There is not much you can do to the problem of poverty, homelessness and the filthy beggars that are a problem in your home town too. But what if I tell you that the little bit that you do, can save someone's life?

What would you do if a stray dog or cat, homeless and hungry lands on your doorstep? Even if you have no job and no income, chances are that your heart will be soft and your hands open to save that dog or cat from a certain death. What if I bring a homeless child or person to your doorstep - will you withdraw your hands and hide the change that is needed for a bread?

When last did you eat?

A slice of bread can save someone's life, and a whole bread will feed a hungry stomach for 2 days. How long can you stay without food?

You want to help, "But how?" you ask.

The homeless have no bank account, but you can help. Go to your local dumping site. See for yourself how people live there - actually sleeping there over night. Get there in the early hours of the morning and watch how someone sleeps underneath a piece of corrugated roof sheeting, coated white from the frost of the previous night. Now appreciate your home.

If you can write an article, you can write articles for money. The money comes from advertising that is displayed next to the articles. Making money with Adsense advertising can provide you with some extra income, but you can also donate the proceeds from a charity article to InfoBarrel for charities. This may not be as effective as taking a bread and a bit of soup to your local municipal dumping site, but you can tell your friends and they can tell their friends.

It only takes a few people to make a difference to a whole town. Will you be the first one to start making a difference in your town?

When you are in bed tonight, underneath nice and warm blankets, pondering over the hours of the day and how fast have they gone by, think of how you could have filled an empty stomach, warmed someone's heart, gave hope and earned you a blessing (Luke 14:12-14 ).

Before you give food, make sure that it is not in vain (Matthew 25:42-46). Eat and be saved first (John 6:53) and then go and make your difference (Matthew 25:42-46).

Embrace charity (1 Corinthians 13:3) - it may save more than just a life.