Embracing Our True Natures

Overcoming Fearfulness

Because Anita Moorjani felt so stressed out and physically and emotionally depleted all the time prior to getting sick with the cancer that would lead to her life altering Near Death Experience - with no breaks, not even a momentary let-up - from these crushing emotions, she started to get sick (as people often do, and just as she had feared), at least in part from all that stress. 

Alas, in Anita’s case, she became very, very sick indeed, finding a lump in her upper chest, near her clavicle that turned out to be cancerous. It was a horror show. Her absolute worst fear had been realized. And for a profoundly fearful woman, this seemed to justify all of the fearfulness that she had always felt. She had gone through all of her life fretting, worrying, fearing, and now this – Cancer, the most dreaded outcome of all.  It was as if her body was confirming what she had always felt to be true. She had almost succeeded in quite literally worrying herself to death.

If you listen to or view her radio and video interviews, or if you read her written descriptions of just how fearful a person she used to be, Anita shares that in her old, pre-NDE life, she was afraid of just about everything, including her own Karma. That is, Anita, whose parents had always been practicing Hindus, often worried that what she had done in her past lives might be part of what was causing her to suffer and grow sick during this lifetime.

 Now interestingly, and this is definitely worth noting, she did not realize that she was living a fearful life while she was deep in the throes of doing exactly that. This knowledge was an insight or revelation that she attained only after going through her near death experience. (What I love about all of Anita’s statements during her interviews is that each one lends itself so perfectly to further discussion.) I feel that so many of us spend so much of our precious time here on earth bound and severely limited by our fears, but also that these fears are so deeply engrained in us that we may not even fully comprehend just how profoundly imprisoned 

After all, Anitia often makes a point of mentioning in interviews and articles that did not comprehend that she had been a prisoner of her own fears until after her NDE . By sharing this with us, she is pointing us toward our own understanding of how our fears shape our lives, and perhaps even what we might do to escape them.

Indeed, when Anita describes her specific fears pre-NDE (as well as her general fearfulness), I think she is inviting all of us to look at ourselves and our own relationship with our own fears. Fears, after all, hold us back and prevent us from living full lives. 

If we allow our fears to dictate our every move, we become spiritual and emotional prisoners of those fears. And this may be one of the greatest tragedies of all – not living a full life because we allow our fears to hold us back and to prevent us from living the rich, fulfilling lives we are meant to live. 

I think Anita’s words can inspire all of us to take a long, hard look at how we are living in the here and now. Are we living fearfully or fearlessly? Are we taking chances, or are we totally risk-averse, to the point where we are essentially paralyzed and barely living our lives or realizing our dreams at all? 

It is also worth noting that Anita and many other near death experiencers had the chance to stay on the other side, but they opted (or in some cases were instructed) to come back to their earthly lives, in part because they had not yet lived their lives “all the way” to their rightful conclusions, but also to share what they had learned with the rest of us. 

In other words, if only we would listen to the messages of the NDErs, we would discover that the rest of us do not need to nearly die (as they did) in order to learn these important spiritual truths, including the fact that life is everlasting, that consciousness survives physical death, that we will be reunited with those we love who have left physical, that life on earth is one big, fascinating classroom and that we are here to learn, and that living a life based on fear is a very sad (and needless!) way to go about living.