Plus size womenCredit: from janwillemsen's photostream ( Licensed under Creative Commons There are many reasons why plus size women feel uncomfortable about themselves, with the biggest ones being pressure felt from your immediate surroundings and their idea of what a beautiful woman should look like.

The first and most important skill that needs to be learned is the ability to ignore what other people think about you. Self-confidence and looking great is all about the way you feel and think about yourself. While self-confidence does not happen overnight (especially for plus size women), there are some things that you can do to love your body and embrace your beautiful curves.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Just because you are already on the heavy side doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your health. It is still essential to stay healthy and this means eating the right stuff – vegetables, fruits and whole grains and avoiding sweets, junk food, salty and processed food. Regular exercise is also necessary to keep your body healthy. This will help you lose excess weight, not to mention improve your metabolism and increase your energy levels. It is important to note that being plus size is different from being overweight. An overweight individual is someone who doesn’t exercise and eat healthy while a plus size woman is somebody who knows how to take good care of herself and accepts her natural curves.

Cheer up!

In order to feel more beautiful and confident, you need to be more positive and nicer to the people around you. Being bubbly and jovial can make your face more radiant. Always have a smile on your face and make sure to give joy to other people. Believe it or not, a positive attitude can do wonders not only physically but emotionally as well. In addition, a smile on the face can make anybody look more confident, happy and more attractive.

Change the way you look at yourself

If you always think that you are overweight or fat, and constantly think ill of yourself, don’t expect good remarks from other people. Most of the time, people act as mirrors that reflect your self-image. Sure, some of them already have preconceived notions about your looks, but they're not 100% sure until you confirm it for them.

Have a good sense of humor

A good sense of humor can make any individual feel and look confident. Instead of dwelling on the negative, why not try looking at the brighter side and become more humorous? It is also a good thing to laugh at yourself once in a while. Researches show that laughter is a powerful tool that can help improve one’s mood and well being. So, if you want to feel good and develop your sense of humor, start watching funny TV shows/movies or read a humorous book or magazine.

Make an effort to look beautiful

To look and feel beautiful, it is necessary to make an effort to take care of yourself. Make sure that you keep your skin youthful and glowing and your hair healthy. Invest in perfumes, lotions, shower baths and shampoos. In addition, keep in mind that exfoliation should be a routine so do it regularly and remember to remove your makeup before sleeping, cleanse your face, moisturize, and tone. Spending time in taking care of yourself to be more presentable will make other people see that you as confident and beautiful woman.

To look sexy, feel sexy

Remember that you are a beautiful woman – you are sexy and you have all it takes to be successful. In addition, note that curvier women are considered sexier and more attractive than skinny ladies. Believing in yourself that you are sexy and that you have a lot of offer can help you become more confident especially when meeting new people and during dates.

Hone your skill and talents

This is not just for plus size women, but for all the women in the world - remember that everyone has something good to offer. Honing your skills and talents can help build your confidence and in turn, can make you more beautiful and appealing. Aside from working on the way you look, it is also important to take time in creating the kind of individual that you want to be.

Learn how to alter your own clothes

If your budget permits, hire a professional to make sure that your clothes can fit your body perfectly. Most plus size women are having troubles in finding something that fits – a pair of jeans that has the right length and line, but a bit small in the waist area. A good tailor can help you adjust your clothes to look as if it was made especially for your body. It would also be great if you know how to alter your own clothes. Not only you’ll save a lot of money but you can also develop your creativity.

Forget about the ‘fashion rules for plus size women’

You have probably heard millions of times that wearing black, clothes with horizontal stripes and covering your curves can make you look slimmer. The truth is, these fashion rules are outdated. If you want to be a stylish plus size, forget about these rules.

Revamp your wardrobe

If your closet is full of black and dark outfit, it’s probably time to introduce some prints and color into your wardrobe. While black can be fashionable, wearing the same style over and over won’t help you in achieving the better version of you. If you are afraid to take the risk of sporting bright and colorful outfit, you can try wearing bold accessories.

Being a plus size doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to flaunt some skin. To feel sexy, you’ve got to be daring enough to show those arms and legs – wear something that shows off some skin (sheer tops, shorts, short skirt).

Never let your size affect your life. Just because your are on the heavy side does not mean that you’ll lock yourself up inside your room and be terrified to go out in public or to meet new people. You don’t have to follow the latest trends but try to look your best and feel beautiful. With your confidence, great personality and good sense of style, you will become successful and reach your dreams.