A lot of people believe that the most preferred gemstone by women is diamond. Well, it's partly true; however, there are some women who are not into vintage diamonds. If your sweetheart is one of them, then you would be happy to know that there are other alternatives out there that you can choose from, one of which is emerald engagement rings. You can find many stylish designs (either modern or vintage) of emerald engagement rings in the market. Not only are they unique, but they are trendy as well.

Emerald Engagement Rings – Why Women Love Them

Searching for that one engagement ring is hard and at the same time critical. This may come as a surprise to you, but your woman's answer to your proposal would at times depend on whether or not she finds the wedding ring appealing. Sometimes, some women would be hesitant to say yes just because she doesn't like "it". Rings for engagement come in various styles, designs and stone cuts. Aside from the preferred diamond cuts, a lot of women also like emerald cuts.

Emerald engagement rings are favored by most women due to its vintage and elegant look. Women opt for trendy and stylish clothes, bags and other accessories; however, when it comes to rings, they still want something that would give them a vintage and nostalgic feeling. Since emerald engagement rings depicts timeless and grace, women think that all the memories that they and their loved ones have shared and will share together will be preserved in that gemstone. In addition, with the stone's rectangular, cropped corners shape, it will look good and fit perfectly in any woman's finger since most of their fingers are shapely and slim.

Emerald Engagement Rings – Some Tips to Think About

It would be a daring move to choose emerald engagement rings since you are not going for other options to diamonds. People often choose something that is way less expensive than diamonds, or looks a lot like it since they, of course, want to tell others that they're married, but keep in mind that they are costly, and you actually won't be saving any money if you choose them. On the other hand, emerald engagement rings can make a strong impression. There are some things that you should consider first in order for you to determine if this type of gemstone is the perfect choice for you.

Inspect the gem's color and clarity. Emerald stones are green in color with a beautiful glow. Therefore, when shopping for emerald engagement rings, examine the gem. Make sure it has a brilliant green color. The inclusions are accepted since it gives the stone a natural, beautiful look; however, if the color is dull, then you should be wary as it may be flawed.

You also need to know everything about the gem's carat value. Emeralds' carat value is calculated in milligrams. How expensive the emerald rings for engagement will be based on the carat value. So, if you are looking for inexpensive and vintage-looking emerald engagement rings, then you may need to go for one that has a low carat value.

The ring band is one factor that many people ignore. It needs to be extremely secure. Emerald engagement rings, as mentioned before, are costly, which means that they need to remain locked in the finger regardless of the manner it was worn.

Another important thing you need to find out is if whether or not the stones placed on the emerald engagement rings have been oil-treated. Majority of jewel makers would put the rings through heat maintenance treatment in order to bring their beauty out.

Also, be sure that the look of the stones is clear. This way, even if the stone has a small cut, it would still look clear on the viewers' eyes. If you're going to get a big gem, then it should have greater clarity so that it would look good.

It is essential to look into the gem's shape utilized in the emerald engagement rings as well. The shape is an important factor when setting up the stones in the rings.

Due to the fact that stones of high quality are very rare, it's common to encounter fake gemstones. Synthetic gems are normally passed on as real ones, and there are times wherein light beryl types are put together to make them come out as deep green emerald engagement rings. So, when buying emerald engagement rings, make sure to purchase them from a highly regarded jewelry shop that can prove the gem's authenticity.

Emerald engagement rings must be kept away from very hot temperatures. Furthermore, separate it from your other jewelries and wrap it in a soft towel or cloth to prevent the gemstones from getting scratches and cracks. In case the gems were oil-treated, don't use soap as a washing agent since it would get rid of the oil.

These types of stones for wedding rings are a great investment. They are suitable for any kind of occasion and will never go out of style. You can get inexpensive, yet vintage style emerald engagement rings, and you can show it off to whomever you want without feeling embarrassed. Gold/yellow vintage emerald rings for engagement are also a great gift that you can give to your sweetheart. This gemstone is affordable and is something that she would definitely like, a lot.

Emerald engagement rings will make your loved one happy without costing you an arm and a leg. In addition, rings with rectangular cuts are the ideal engagement rings. Don't be concerned about the price tag, or if she will think that you're such a cheapskate because you didn't spend that much on her. Just think about how happy you would make her feel once she sees the ring. It will show her how much you love her.

These days, engagement rings with emerald gemstones are becoming more and more recognized and are almost as popular as diamonds. Emerald engagement rings are very attractive, and their vintage look, as well as their overall appeal will definitely melt the heart of your special someone.