Emerald might be one of the most popular gemstones for jewelry but it is actually extremely rare. Even rarer than emerald itself, is an emerald that can be used in the way that we usually imagine, that is: cut and faceted in the style of diamonds. With a mystical energy and a deeply captivating color, emeralds have fascinated humans for thousands of years and continue to bring bright and mesmerizing tones to today’s fashion.

Original Star K(tm) 7mm Round Simulated Emerald Engagement Ring LIFETIME WARRANTYEmeralds are developed when the mineral beryl is colored by chromium. The color can vary greatly and only certain green beryl stones are referred to as emeralds. Technically, emeralds can also be colored green by something called vanadium. It is very important to know that if you plan to buy a genuine emerald ring that the regulation for what can be called an emerald differs in different nations.

Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring  14K White Gold - 1.50 CT TGW Size 12In the United States, beryl colored by vanadium is allowed to be labeled as an emerald. In the rest of the world though, a beryl stone must be colored by chromium in order to be designated an emerald. This means that the same stone could be classified in different ways in different places.

If this is important to you, even though no real differences can be discerned by the naked eye, be sure to inquire as to the stone’s makeup before purchasing. It is also important to know that sometimes these vanadium stones are called “Colombian Emeralds”. However, Colombia is one of the largest producers of emeralds and there are many genuine emeralds that are mined there. If you see an emerald ring labeled as Colombian, it could be either meaning.

Christmas Gifts Bling Jewelry May Birthstone Emerald Color CZ Sterling Silver Eternity BandNote that almost all emeralds are treated with oil to enhance their shine and improve their look because almost all emeralds have inclusions or visible flaws. Treatment with clear oil, like cedar oil, is absolutely accepted and generally does not affect the value of the emerald. However, treatment with colored oil is considered a big faux-pas and lowers the value of the stone.

One of the most popular ways to wear emeralds is in rings. An emerald ring is a great gift for any occasion and, of course, a nice way to treat yourself to a fashion-forward and eye-catching piece of jewelry. Many people know that emeralds are the birthstone of May, but these verdant gems have other meanings as well. Emeralds are often considered the stone of hope.

Angelina Jolie Emerald RingThe Incans were known to venerate emeralds and what the Spanish found upon landing on their shores astounded them. Legend says that Hernan Cortez had a collection of large, hand carved emeralds that were lost at sea. Once considered the representative stone of Venus, emeralds can also signify love and commitment. This might be one reason that some couples are choosing an emerald as a symbol of their love for each other and emerald engagement rings have been on the rise.

14K White Gold Emerald-cut Genuine Emerald RingIf you are looking for a gift for a beloved man in your life, men’s emerald rings are worth checking out as they are a powerful stone. Another idea is to give an emerald ring as a commemoration of a special event other than an engagement, such as an anniversary or the birth of a child, especially if the child is born in May. While unconventional engagement rings are increasingly popular, it can be a huge risk to surprise your beloved with a stone other than the diamond she has always expected.

 Venus wasn’t the only one who got a piece of emerald folklore. In other traditions, the emerald is a sign of good luck, it can bring good health, and it can contribute to successful practices of magic. The emerald is also known to have been one of Cleopatra’s favorite gemstones, and if she was a woman at the height of sophistication. The association between emeralds and high taste levels hasn’t decreased and today the emerald enjoys even more popularity because of the development of lab techniques that let gem companies effectively grow emeralds.

14K White Gold Emerald-cut Genuine Emerald Ring SideviewLab created emeralds are actually some of the most popular choices of the nation’s largest and most recognizable jewelers. A review of Kay Jewelers, Jared or Zales’ catalog will reveal that these respected vendors have an extensive offering of beautiful lab created emeralds. Lab created diamonds can be either an affordable or an extravagant purchase. It completely depends on the size of the stone and the setting it is placed in. Genuine emerald rings are of course very expensive owing to the stone’s rarity. For example, Tiffany offers a stunning 4.82 carat emerald ring haloed with diamonds on a platinum band that is studded with diamonds for $185,000. This is, of course, at the high end of the spectrum and there are a wide range of more affordable options at other jewelers and at online retailers.

Speaking of diamonds and settings, emeralds are notably enhanced in different ways by different settings. The diamond halo mentioned earlier is a setting that allows the vivid green of the emerald to truly pop without distraction yet with the assistance of a diamond’s luster. Platinum and white gold have a similar affect, allowing the emerald to shine, quite literally. Emerald rings set in yellow gold are also a classic look, one that can be particularly suited to fall styles as the yellow and green become reminiscent of the seasons changing. This is just one example of how this bright and summery color can be worn through the year. Another style to consider is anything that is reminiscent of Celtic culture. Of course, green is the iconic color of the Celts and an emerald is an especially suitable and stunning addition to a claddagh or celtic ring.

Whether or not your believe in the superstitions surrounding the emerald, there is no doubt that it is a beautiful gemstone. For those with a birthday in May, those who wish to celebrate an occasion with a precious gift, or those who want to add an item of distinction to their collection, an emerald ring might be right.