Emerald shape moissanite engagement rings are excellent choice for all those who are not willing to purchase a genuine natural diamond rings. Given that moissanite is not a natural stone, the price difference between this synthetic replacement of diamond and the diamond gemstone of similar weight, cut, clarity, and color is not as large as one would expect. The reason for the high moissanite price can be found in the difficulties of growing silicon carbide (the moissanite crystal structure) in laboratory conditions. Considering the moissanite and diamond properties, one can say that this stone is not merely a substitute, but an excellent jewelry gem on its own with very unique optical features and special glamor. Moissanite gemstones are known to equally well combine with gold, white gold, sterling silver or or platinum bands. If you have been drown towards moissanite only because of its somewhat reduced price (as compared to diamond for instance), moissanite engagement rings with platinum bands are probably not the right choice, since platinum is twice as expensive as gold. In this case, maybe the gold or white gold combination would be more affordable than the moissanite-platinum combination.

Any bridal jewelry collection can be proud by having an Moissanite Emerald Shape Engagement Ring. The shapes of moissanite are sometimes different from those of diamond, since they are designed to exploit the different refraction properties of this stone. Moissanite cut is always specially planned to to enable maximum light refraction, thereby increasing the brilliance and luster of the gemstone. Some jewel shapes are specially chosen to get rid of the dark areas sometimes found in other stones when cutting them into specific shapes. In the case of moissanite, the emerald cut is called radiant cut. It is similar to the faceted, rectangle with angled corners stone often found in the diamond engagement rings.

When looking for perfect engagement rings you should not consider only the price and gemstone quality. The taste is very individual, therefore try to choose from a broader range of engagement rings. You should have in mind that you are buying two engagement rings, and they should work together both in sense of design and functionality. Also, the rings have to be durable and resistant to extreme wear. The jewelry fashion is an always changing concept. This can be quite a bit confusing, but have in mind that engagement rings are usually worn a long period of time. All the other jewelry can be put on and off, but the engagement rings are always there. Thus, they need to be robust, of higher quality, and long lasting. Many jewelry sellers know a little secret: the customers who are choosing their engagement rings will very often touch the right ones first.

Moissanite is really though stone. It is harder that ruby or sapphire and almost as hard as diamond so it does not chip easily. The same cleaning procedures advised for any fine jewelry can be applied here. If cleaned and cared for properly, there is no fear that the moissanite gemstone will ever lose its extraordinary fire and splendor.

In summary, he price of moissanite cannot really be a decisive moment when selecting moissanite gemstone jewelry. This stone is an excellent substitute for diamond, and more than that. Sometimes even the expert in gemology could have difficulties to distinguish a moissanite from diamond. It is a beautiful stone with excellent light reflecting properties, and its glitter is know to surpass even those of the diamond. This beautiful jewel can certainly accompany important moments in life, and is a perfect choice also for wedding bridal jewelry. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative, I recommend exploring the engagement rings with blue topaz stones which can be no less attractive, or maybe even trying something quite unusual like rutile quartz jewelry.