Emergency blankets

are pieces of survival gear that are especially important for winter time travel kits. Whether you are used to special activities like winter camping, or you simply want to be prepared during the holiday travels, emergency thermal blankets are very important in order to be prepared for a worst case scenario.

Emergency blankets go by many names. These names include: winter blankets, thermal blankets, emergency thermal blankets, mylar blankets, and any combination of those words. These are specially designed in order to keep people warm in even the harshest of winter conditions and low temperatures. While an emergency blanket alone is not enough to guarantee safety in the worst of conditions, a good blanket is definitely a quality hedge against hypothermia and frost bite. No winter survival kit should be without one of these.

While the natural instinct would be that emergency blankets are mostly primed for winter travel, there are other times when these still make sense as part of a survival kit. Winter isn't the only time when the weather can be deadly. Cold fall and spring days, especially if you're camping, kayaking, or outdoors in wet weather, can also cause hypothermia. This is another good reason to have emergency blankets in your kit even before the actual winter months.

The best emergency blankets should all be water proof, and yet can be folded small enough to fit comfortably into a pants pocket, but can be folded out large enough to cover the entire body. The water proofing is further proof that these are designed not only for frigid winter temperatures, but also for keeping people dry while warming them. A good emergency blanket can reflect back and hold up to 90% of a person's body heat, making them ideal for this type of situation.

Emergency blankets are made by several companies, and come in multiple shapes, colors, and forms. If you are looking for the perfect blanket to finish off your first aid or emergency kits, then take a look at any good type of emergency blanket to help prepare you for every potential hazard.