There are a number of emergency blue lights on the market to suit a variety of purposes. Typified by their bell-shaped plastic exterior and rotating blue beacon they are designed to impersonate the flashing blue light mounted on a police car. Users should be aware that these police replica lights are illegal on public highways, but they can still be a lot of fun if you use them at the right time and place.Emergency Blue Light

         Blue lighting is available in a range of forms on the commercial market. The typical police light features a magnet on the base of the unit and curly flex cord, on the end of which is attached a cigarette lighter input jack. Simply plug the jack into the lighter in your vehicle and the light will spring to life, the beacon turning and omitting a flashing, disco-style light. Some models even feature a siren to create an even more exciting police effect.    

         For obvious reasons, impersonating the police is illegal so you can't just take these lights out on the road and cruise around dressed as the Blues Brothers or Starsky and Hutch living out your crime fighting fantasies. However, there's nothing to say that, on private property or in discreet motoring circumstances, you aren't free to do just as you wish with these lights.

        Zooming round a professional racing circuit with the boys?! Plug in a blue light, stick it to the roof of the car and you instantly add that authentic touch to a hot pursuit. More and more race tracks are offering the opportunity for groups of private individuals to bring their own vehicles onto the circuit and/or hire something a little speedier for a day of high octane fun. Your buddy will certainly have something to think about if a flashing blue light appears in his rear view mirror. Emergency blue lights can add a fun element to a racing weekend.

       Similarly, if you like to take your vehicle into the wilderness portable, highly visible lights such as these can act as security lights, alerting companions to your whereabouts. Their detachable and versatile design are excellent features and having one stashed in your trunk may well offer you a valuable option if you're looking to head off road.