Your life is going along fine and suddenly the rug is pulled out from under you, and you find yourself in need of emergency cash. Life is full of surprises and the urgent need to lay your hands on more than a little coin can arise all at once, seemingly from nowhere.

What to do? Here are ten ideas to help you find money in a hurry and help cover the short fall.

Take in all of your recycling: newspapers, plastics, scrap metal, soda cans and the like will get you some quick cash as soon as you drive to your nearest recycler.

Go on a treasure hunt for cash around your house. You know what I mean, the hidden coins and dollars we have neglected to take out of our pockets and old purses. The change adds up quickly to dollars or more.

Look around for things you are not using to sell. We all have more stuff than we need just lying around gathering dust and doing us no good at all. You can post your stuff for free on Craigslist or Amazon Maketplace and sell what you have on hand to make some quick money. The better your junk, the more money you will make. More money and more storage space is a definite win-win situation.

If you really have a lot of stuff you don't need, consider a garage sale or organize a multifamily garage sale. I went around our neighborhood and organized one once and then offered to do the promotion, place the ads in the newspapers and then sell stuff for a 20% cut for the people who did not want to spend their day at the sale. They came and dropped off their already priced items in the morning and then picked up what was left and their portion of the profits at the end of the day. I made over $1000 for being the service provider and organizer and doing the bookkeeping.

If you have gently used designer clothes cluttering up your closet, take them to the nearest consignment shop. You will be surprised at how much money you can get out of them. I recently sold 6 designer suits when I started working from home and was shocked when all of them sold for over $350, a large chunk of what I had paid a year before.

Go shopping in reverse. If you have recently made some purchases you could have done without that are still unused, return them for a refund. We have all over spent at one time or another, so don't hesitate to have buyer's remorse and rectify the situation promptly.

Become a survey taker. One of the tried and true ways to make extra money is to participate in online surveys and focus groups. There are many companies on the internet, and if they are reputable you will not need to pay money upfront to sign up and start getting work. Avoid anyone who wants to charge you for their list of places to register.

Take a casual job or gig. Craigslist has many exceptionally short term offers that will make you a few bucks on the side. For best results, check every hour or two, throughout the day to see what has been posted recently. These offers fill quickly so keep your eyes open and respond right away if you want to be considered.

Make stuff to sell online. If you are a crafty person, don't be shy about listing your goods for sale. You may be surprised how much you can make if you have a unique skill.

Become a movie extra. I admit that I was curious and tried my hand at this just for fun. I worked for a coupon of days and got over $200 for my time while having a unique experience. Major motion pictures are now shot on location all over and being an extra is a really fun and interesting way to get an inside view of the movie industry. Know that the days can be long and there is a lot of waiting around doing nothing, but I found the experience a right down pleasant way to make some extra cash fast.

These are only a few of the ways that you can make some quick extra cash. There are literally thousands of fun ways to make some money on the side. You really are only limited by your creativity and desire to find a way to make some coin.

The main thing is to consider both your skills and hobbies. Try to decide what you would really enjoy doing while earning some extra money and you will have a great time for your efforts. When I was in college I loved to grocery shop with coupons, and I was good at finding free stuff. I also was an Ebay seller on the side. I would collect up all my coupon freebies, like the ten zillion free tubes of tooth paste I got with all my last batch of coupons and sell the products I could not use in lots. I got to do what I loved twice and made money fast in the process.

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