California Residents Get Emergency Cash Assistance

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has taken numerous steps to provide assistance for the eligible residents in emergency situations. CDSS concentrate on the welfare of the society and has arranged various assistance programs. If you feel that applying for Emergency Cash Assistance from the State or Federal government is challenging, certain things have been put in place to standardize the process. You may be willing to avail this cash assistance but may have doubt if you are eligible to apply for it. In this article we will discuss on various Federal and State programs that provides Emergency Cash Assistance for Individuals and Families in California. 

California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs):

CDSS initiated this welfare program to provide cash assistance and other services to the eligible low-income California families. You do not need to worry if this assistance is available in your county. This assistance is provided throughout the 58 counties in California and being regulated by the local county welfare departments. The State government provides immediate short-term cash assistance for the needy families who have little money or no money to fulfill their essential needs such as clothing, food, housing, medical care and utilities. The qualified families for ongoing assistance receive help for paying rent, food expenses and other essential expenses. The net cash that a families receive will depends on various factors such as the number of households, their income etc. Apart from the specific eligibility criteria, these services are available:

  • For families that have a child or children, who do not have parental support, because of death, disability or absence
  • For families which do not have income or the principle earner is unemployed.
  • Caretaker relatives of a foster child who needs assistance.

How can I apply for Emergency Cash assistance? You can apply for this assistance at any welfare office in your county. You can locate the nearest county welfare department under County Government Section of your telephone book. You can ask for emergency cash assistance for immediate help. You will require submitting few documents followed by an interview. Upon eligibility, the needy families will receive a check from the county welfare departments to meet the essential expenses.

CalFresh Program:

Although the needy low income families receives food stamps through CalWorks program, this CalFresh program provides additional to add to your food budget. CalFresh is otherwise known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which is provided by the Federal Government. CalFresh aim at developing a healthy society and well-being individuals by providing them assistances to meet the nutritional needs. You can apply for CalFresh program by filling out a form on-line. The eligible households will be provided with a Golden State Advantage EBT Card. You can just slide this card in any point- of sale device or Automatic teller machine to redeem. This card can be used in 80,000 locations of the State.  The eligible households receive CalFresh assistance in the form of monthly electronic benefits in your Golden State Advantage EBT Card which can be used to buy food items from markets.

General Assistance or General Relief:

Another exciting assistance which is State funded is General Assistance or General Relief program. It provides assistance for indigent adults those are not supported by other assistance or other funds program. This General Assistance or General Relief assistance receivers are also allowed to avail food stamps assistance which raise the nutritional level among low-income households. You need to contact the Department of Social or Human Services in your county of residence to avail this General assistance.

TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Family:

You can get help from TANF program in case you lost your job and need help to take care of your family. TANF is a time limited program and the Federal Government provides funds to the State Government to run this program. The State Government designs the eligibility and rules for determining the needy families. This aims to help the family members for a temporary period so that the children in the family do not suffer. You need to contact the County Welfare department to avail this assistance.

Emergency assistance and cash allowance for Veterans:

There are various emergency assistance programs is available for Veterans and their families. Veterans Affairs Services of California offers assistance such as Army Emergency Relief, Air Force Cross Roads, Air Force Aid Society, National Military Family Association, Operation Family funds, Unmet needs etc. Veterans of Foreign Wars initiated this Unmet needs through corporate partnership to meet the emergency financial difficulties for a military service member or their families. Unmet needs provide assistance in providing basic essential such as food, clothing, and rent expenses. Apart from the basic needs, the unmet program provides financial assistance for their members to meet any unexpected expenses. A service member will be eligible for financial grants of up $2,500 which do not need to be repaid. This financial aid will be directly paid to the vendors who provide utilities or other services and not to an individual.

Emergency Assistance and financial assistance from other Organizations:

If you are really in an emergency situation, there are other charity and social welfare organization that help you. The Red Cross organization help people after an emergency situation like natural disaster or fire. They also provide funds for housing, food and immediate cash assistance. The Red Cross members visit the disaster area and find families or individuals that need assistance. They fulfill the essential needs and provide assistance in buying groceries, repairing homes, medical care assistance and transportation. The Salvation Army is another emergency assistance program which has helped many Americans in Emergency situations.

Emergency Cash assistance through Payday loans:

There are many private loan providers who provide payday loans in a quick and easy way. This loan really helps you to overcome your emergency situation such as paying your debit without late payment. Payday loans are processed without any credit check and you will receive the loan within few hours. A payday loan is a short-term loan until your next payday. However, it is one of the best cash assistance for emergency needs. Please be aware of the high interest rate.