Get Emergency Cash Assistance For Low Income Families In Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts focuses on the welfare of the Commonwealth and provides a helping hand for their residents by allocating certain Cash Assistance benefits programs for low income families and individuals. These Cash Assistance programs provide financial help for low-income families, senior citizens, low wage workers and the disabled. The state of Massachusetts does its best to make sure that each citizen that needs a helping hand to get by receives it through their many government programs.

Emergency Cash Assistance Benefits Programs For Low Income Families, Senior Citizens and The Handicap in Massachusetts

Transitional Aid To Families With Dependant Children (TAFDC)

TAFDC is an acronym of Transitional Aid to Families with Dependant Children. TAFDC is a government program which provides cash assistance and health insurance. This is provided to the families of low-income group with dependent children to help them to meet the basic expenses of  raising their children. TAFDC is also called as “Public Assistance” or “Welfare” program.  To be eligible for TAFDC assistance, you must be a citizen of US or eligible non-citizen who lives in Massachusetts. You must have low income and little assets; you must have dependent children or pregnant. It is quite easy to find out if you are eligible to receive TAFDC.  Just fill out an online form with your family details, living situation, income and expenses. It will display your results of the eligibility right away. The cash benefits depend on your family situation, income and expenses. MassHealth provides a health insurance. You will receive the cash benefits with certain time limits. To apply for TAFDC, you need to contact Department of Transitional Assistance office  with documents to prove your identity, income, expenses and assets. TAFDC benefits are directly deposited to your bank account or paid through EBT (Electronic benefits Transfer). Your monthly alloted benefits/grant will be split into two and deposited twice in a month.


Emergency Aid To Elders, Disabled And Children (EAEDC)

EAEDC or Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children is a Massachusetts state-funded program. This benefits program provides cash assistance and medical assistance to the needy families and individuals who are not receiving TAFDC, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), or other similar benefits. You must be a resident of Massachusetts; must be a US citizen or other eligible noncitizens; Seniors, disabled individuals and children of low income families who are not enrolled in other benefits programs are eligible to receive EAEDC. The eligibility can be checked by filling out details on the online form. The Cash benefits through EAEDC depend on the family size, living situation and income. An individual will receive a maximum cash benefit of about $300 in this program. However, EAEDC includes a health insurance through MassHealth. To apply for EAEDC, you need to contact Department of Transitional Assistance office in your city with documents to prove your identity, income, expenses and assets. Your monthly grants/benefits will be split in two and half of the monthly grant will be deposited twice in a month to your bank account or paid through EBT card. This Electronic benefit transfer card can be used in supermarkets and you can also withdraw cash in any ATMs using this EBT card.


Supplement Security Income (SSI)

SSI is a need-based cash assistance program primarily for elderly people who is 65 and above. It also provides financial assistance for individuals with disabilities or visually impaired. SSI is a Federal Government funded program for people with little income and few assets. The State supplement program provides additional benefits. You can check your eligibility through an online application. The cash assistance benefits will vary according to the income and personal situation. Additionally, SSI offer MassHealth, food stamps, disaster and moving expenses, burial expenses, and fuel assistance. To apply for SSI benefits, you can call your local Social Security office.  You will receive the payment either as a direct deposit to your bank account or into a direct express debit account. The Massachusetts State funded program that provides additional benefits for SSI beneficiaries is called State Supplement Program (SSP).


Veteran’s Services (VS):

This program focuses on providing cash and medical assistance for low income State wartime veterans and their families. Apart from cash and medical assistance, Veteran's Services provides referrals to employment, housing, education and other services which helps them to find a stable solution to their problems. To be eligible for this service, you must a veteran or dependant of veteran who served the country during the wartime; you are in need of financial help and have very little income or few resources; must be a resident of Massachusetts or which-ever State that you apply. VS provide cash benefits based on your personal situations primarily to fulfill your basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, housing supplies and medical care. To apply for this service, you need to submit a written application form to your local Veterans' Service Officer. They also require you to submit proof of identity and other documentation including your military discharge record. The cash benefits are provided in the form of check twice a month and you need to collect the check from your local Veterans' Service Office.


Cash Benefits For Workers

Cash Benefits For Workers are not for needy-families. These workers cash benefits are for Massachusetts workers who are retired; become disabled; lose their job due to no fault of their own,   or unable to work due to injuries during work. Cash benefits are provided based on their employment period and their earnings. These benefits include Social Security Retirement (SSR); Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI); Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation. SSR is not a need based program and is provided by Federal Government. The Federal Government collects taxes based on the earnings and offers cash benefits for retired workers and their families. The cash benefits for worker’s families are based on the retirement age and worker’s life-time Social Security earnings. The eligibility criteria is that you are 62, employed or self-employed who has earned the sufficient social security credits during the working period. The Social Security Credits should be at least 40 to be eligible. You can earn 4 credits per year. SSDI is a federal insurance program for disabled people. This program provides based on the Social Security Credits earned by the individual. Unemployment Insurance is a temporary cash benefit program provided by the Government. Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is in-charge of this program. Worker’s compensation is a program that benefits workers who are injured or ill due to their work. All workers in Massachusetts must have this insurance and the employers should provide this for their workers by law.

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