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Emergency escape windows for recreational vehicles are one of the most impressive innovations that have come to invade the modern living styles of the general population. Recreational vehicles, otherwise known as RVs, are commonly described as a house packed in a vehicle. More likely therefore, one can evidently find a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. RVs primarily contain the basic components that are found within homes. While law stipulates the need and maintenance of a highly functional emergency and fire exits among buildings, schools and institutions, recreational vehicles are now required to possess emergency escape windows. Such kind of window is also known as an egress type of window, which was specifically made for recreational vehicles’ use.


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Before emergency escape windows were invented, simple and common typical windows were created accordingly to the area it is applied. There are windows intended for household use only while there are windows made that are specific for cars, ships, planes and other transportation vehicles. But as technology gradually and constantly advanced through the changing times, many innovative materials have been made and were put to good and effective use. One of the many modern day innovations are the emergency escape windows. Emergency escape windows basically come with significant purposes, particularly among recreational vehicles that are widely utilized among long distance travelers and explorers. Apart from purpose, it is vital that benefits and hazards associated with the use of emergency escape windows made for recreational vehicles be adequately discussed, in the most comprehensible terms.

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Common vehicles are comprised of parts that comprise the basic elements of what cars typically should have. However, recreational vehicles are considered as a house and a vehicle packed in a single unit. Thus, the parts that comprise such type of vehicle must consider its structure both as a house and as an automobile.

Nature, purpose and design of Emergency escape windows

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Emergency escape windows for recreational vehicles are basically made of glass that is appropriately designed to fit the structure that recreational vehicles possess. Most commonly, emergency escape windows for recreational vehicles are large and wide enough for adequate viewing during periods of travel. While some want it tinted, others opt to have clear and naturally-colored emergency escape windows for adequate and safe viewing of the road.

The primary purpose of egress windows being placed among recreational vehicles is for passenger safety. Emergency escape windows are being put up as the basic type of window in recreational vehicles for reason of emergency cases per se, such in fires and other unpredictable man-made or technical catastrophes and natural calamities.

To fully serve the main purpose of emergency escape windows for recreational vehicles, its design obviously comes in accordance to it. Basically, there are two designs made for recreational vehicles’ emergency escape windows. One is the 50/50 slider window style and the other is the T-slider window type. The 50/50 slider type is can be pictured as the most typical sliding window whereby the entire half of the window can be slid and opened. The T-slider, on the other hand, forms the letter T as the window is divided into three parts. The upper greater part of the division is solid and is immovable while the lower half is divided into two, which can then easily be slid in cases of emergency exits are prompted.

Regardless of the type of window design, these two types are ultimately designed to keep passengers of recreational vehicles and safe and sound, particularly during occurrences of untoward circumstances.


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Basically, the most beneficial fact that emergency escape windows have, especially for recreational vehicles, is that it promotes safety to those who are utilizing the vehicle. Since recreational vehicles are used by individuals who are well engaged into travelling from far off places to another, it is vital that the passengers’ safety are adequately secured and safeguarded. Thus, knowing that it has become a requirement for recreational vehicles to have appropriate installation and maintenance of emergency escape windows is one critical assurance that such vehicle enforces the significance of safety and human life preservation.

Apart from that, emergency escape windows for recreational vehicles benefits manufacturers and suppliers of such kind. As recreational vehicles are constantly produced and are still in demand until this point in time, manufacturers and suppliers continue to provide sellers of vehicle parts and accessories that are compatible and in accordance to the requirements and standards being set for recreational vehicles per se.


Ever since emergency escape windows were imposed among recreational vehicles, it has earned positive feedbacks both from users and suppliers. However, over the course of time, issues and concerns gradually mounted regarding the use and effectiveness of emergency escape windows being set up and installed among several recreational vehicles in existence.

One of the most common complaints being made about egress windows for recreational vehicles is its malfunction tendencies. Many instances have occurred that the emergency egress windows stick, thereby impeding the passengers chance for safe exit. Another complaint made about egress windows is that it was not properly and securely installed at the initial purchase of the vehicle. This can prevent passengers from gaining safe exit, especially when fires and unfortunate events take place within the vehicle.

Today, these identified hazards have been adequately addressed and constant monitoring is initiated to ensure that no repetition or occurrence of such complaints will be entertained.


Until today, recreational vehicles are still widely utilized, especially among artists, travelers and explorers. Thus, it is vital that prompt checking of the vital parts of the vehicle such as the break and the emergency escape windows, be done to ensure that safety of the passengers and the driver will not be compromised especially during travel. More so, it is equally important that owners of such kind of vehicle have adequate knowledge on the necessary care, maintenance and control as well as trouble shooting guidelines indicated for the vehicle per se.