ne of the things I have always kept in my car, even since I started driving, is an emergency rain poncho. There are so many things that could go wrong and you could potentially end up out in the rain. The idea of always being prepared is a great one that I think all people should ponder. Out of all the survival gear you could possibly keep with you, one of the best things I think is an emergency rain poncho. Not only do they have incredible survival uses, but there are so many mundane things that could come up in which it would be useful.

There are a lot of different options to consider if you are looking to buy an emergency poncho. For example, you could consider how well you want it to hold up or even what color you want it to be. In the wilderness, really bright colors are usually best so people can easily see you. No matter what you decide, I would suggest that you shop online. This is primarily because online you have a lot more options as well as reviews available for virtually all products. In my experience, a lot of the rain ponchos you can find in stores are usually very low quality. They seem to be intended for only one use. At the same time, the high quality emergency rain ponchos available at camping stores are usually a lot more expensive than their online counterparts.

You may also think that you only want one for one use, a worst case scenario poncho perhaps, but in my opinion, a higher quality rain poncho will serve you much better. For example, I was once at a soccer game and it seemed to literally start raining sideways. It was absolutely miserable, but I wasn't about to just leave. Luckily, I had my rain poncho with me. I was able to stay completely dry without a problem while I watched people with umbrellas or rain coats struggle to completely block out the water. This was a completely mundane situation that I never saw coming, and because I had a high quality rain poncho that is good for more than one use, I was completely prepared. I have never actually been stuck in a situation where I needed it for survival, but you can bet it will be there when I need it.

The modern rain poncho was created in Baltimore Maryland in 1958, but very few people know where the first ponchos were actually created. Ponchos have been around for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years and were originally used by the peoples who are native to Peru. Their ponchos were also waterproof and made with tightly knit materials such as wool. We have really come a long way since then. A modern emergency rain poncho weighs significantly less and can be stored in a very small place. So, if given the choice, I would suggest that you keep a emergency rain poncho in your car as opposed to a rain jacket or umbrella. They have the ability to keep you warm, block out almost all of the water hitting you in a rain storm, and can be easily stored in a small place for another use.