Emerica Skateboard Shoes

Emerica Skateboard Shoe & Sneaker Styles/Models

Emerica Footwear is recognized globally as one of the top skateboard shoe companies that consistently produce unique and durable skate shoes primarily focused around the ideas and desires of the pro skateboarders who wear them. Every Emerica sneaker is produced with quality and comfort in mind.

This brand provides a wide range of skate shoes with diverse and unique styles and fits. From lo-tops to hi-tops, bright colors to classic blacks, Emerica skateboard shoes never fail to deliver. Emerica sneakers are available for any taste or personality. Here is the current line-up of Emerica skateboard shoes and sneakers:

  • B. Herman
  • Braydon
  • Francis
  • Francis Lo
  • G-CODE!!!
  • Heath
  • High Laced
  • High Laced The Goat
  • Hsu
  • Hsu Gaudy
  • Jinx
  • Laced
  • Laced Gaudy
  • Leo Gaudy
  • Mob
  • Reynolds 3
  • Reynolds Cruisers
  • Reynolds Cruisers The Goat
  • Rip Slip
  • Romero
  • Spanky

Emerica Skateboard Shoe & Sneaker Features


Being a daughter company of fellow skateboard shoe makers and pioneers in this industry, Etnies Footwear, Emerica is able to implement the same patented skateboard shoe technology as Etnies. This is good news for Emerica sneaker buyers as these skate shoe features are among the most advanced on the market.

With skate shoe features like the STITM footbed for comfort and stability, vulcanized outsoles, System G2TM heel pads, System Flo2TM tongues, triple stitching, and full-length shock absorbing EVA mid-soles, Emerica skateboard shoes and sneakers provide optimum comfort and durability. With this kind of technology being implemented in their products, Emerica Footwear is one of the top choices for many skateboarders.

Kids Emerica Shoes


Emerica Footwear doesn't only produce men's skateboarding sneakers. In fact, there are quite a few kids Emerica shoes to choose from as well. Kids Emerica shoes can be found anywhere kids skateboard shoes are sold, online and in stores. Kids Emerica shoes are rather popular and you can get pairs that are modeled after adult Emerica shoes. Kids skate shoes are the new thing and kids Emerica skate shoes are high in demand.

Kids Emerica shoes range in half-sizes between 1 and 13 and come in stylish and comfortable models. These kids sneakers are also fair priced and just as durable as the adult ones. Here is a list of the current line-up of kids Emerica shoes:

  • Kids Hsu
  • Kids Heritic 3

Cheap Emerica Shoes


It's not too hard to find cheap Emerica shoes when Emerica Footwear has so many skate shoes, they can afford to make some cheap Emerica shoes. One way to find cheap Emerica shoes is to check the clearance rack at your local skate shop. You can also find some pretty cheap Emerica skate shoes online. A lot of times when new sneakers come out, you can find inexpensive pairs that are older models that need to be sold.

If you want a newer pair of cheap Emerica shoes you can get some nice ones online or at most skateboard shoe stores. There are quite a few cheap Emerica sneakers that are less than $60 even brand new. Here is a list of cheap Emerica shoes currently priced at $60 or less*:

  • Romero ($60)
  • Mob ($60)
  • The Jinx ($50)
  • Leo ($60)
  • Reynolds 3 ($60)
  • Francis Lo ($60)

*Prices taken from SkateAmerica and Zappos on 1/30/2010

Emerica Footwear's Sponsored Skateboarders


There are a few reasons why Emerica Footwear is such a popular brand, and other than the diverse styles and durability, it is the professional skateboarders who recognize Emerica Footwear as their sneaker of choice. Emerica Footwear boasts an impressive list of sponsored skateboarders who rely on Emerica Footwear to live up to their hype. To make sure Emerica is creating the best skateboard shoes possible, these pro skaters also help design their own pro model Emerica shoes all with unique features and styles. Here are the skateboarders that put their trust into Emerica skateboard shoes every time they step on a board:

  • Aaron Suski
  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Brandon Westgate
  • Braydon Szafranski
  • Bryan Herma
  • Chris Senn
  • Ed Templeton
  • Heath Kirchart
  • Jamie Tancowny
  • Jerry Hsu
  • Justin Figueroa
  • Kevin Long
  • Leo Romero
  • Marquis Preston

History of Emerica Footwear


Emerica Footwear is a subsidiary of Sole Technologies, Inc., and was founded in 1996 by Pierre André Senizergues. Emerica Footwear first emerged after its parent company, Etnies Footwear, was brought to America and began to explode in popularity as a premiere skate shoe company. Emerica Footwear burst onto the scene when Etnies Footwear owner Pierre André Senizergues struck a deal with the European distributors of Etnies Footwear that allowed him to claim ownership of the entire Etnies brand and subsequently the European Etnies shoes became Emerica skate shoes.

Nowadays, Emerica Footwear still thrives and is considered one of the top skate shoes money can buy, both for quality and comfort. Emerica Footwear focuses all of their attention on skateboarding, and leave the other action sports to their parent company, Etnies Footwear. This allows Emerica Footwear to produce a large variety of high quality skate shoes for any taste.


Emerica Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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