If you love to dress with Halloween Make up rather than a mask, then you are going to love this costume!

But I must warn you, if you have little kids or anyone prone to nightmares then you better make sure and get dressed up at someone else’s house because this is a really eerie very realistic Emily Corpse Bride.

If you loved the move, then you will remember those very large distinctive eyes.  In the movie she managed to be quite pretty for a corpse.

As the story goes, a nervous groom to be, messes up the rehearsal night and goes into the woods to practice his speech and lines, and accidently puts the ring on what he thought was a branch but turned out to be a deceased Emily who rises and assumes he married her.

If you haven’t watched the 2005 movie, then you should check it out, but if you love the idea of a “do it yourself” style Halloween costume and you really want to stand out in the crowd then you are going to love this.

Emily Corpse Bride

What You Will Need for the Corpse Bride Emily Costume

White Cream Makeup (you can get this at party stores but you can also get these supplies online at Amazon.)

Blue Cream Makeup

Green Cream Makeup

Black Cream Makeup (or eyeliner but the cream might be easier to remove later)

Large makeup brush or even a soft paint brush with work too

Paper plate to mix your makeup on

White Eye Liner

Dark Blue Eye Shadow (for shading and to give yourself a 3D look)

Pink lipstick

Wig cap (to hide your natural hair, this is optional)

Blue/grey wig

Purchased ripped wedding dress and veil costume or come up with your own to complete the look.

Rubie's Costume Corpse Bride Wig, White, One Size
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this is a great example of the blue wig you will need to complete the look.

You will want to make sure you have all your supplies before the parties get started so you are not racing around at the last minute.  You will definitely draw attention with this corpse bride costume, especially if you close your eyes when you say “trick or treat” or when your party host opens the door!

For the wedding dress you could head to the thrift stores for lightweight summer dresses that could easily be tattered to resemble the dress and the same for the veil.  You can get veil fabric at the fabric store and attach to a headband of dead dried flowers.

The wig you can find at party stores or online.  So if you collect your supplies ahead of time then you will win that costume contest for sure!  It is the attention to the detail, and makeup just seems to really make your look pop.  Remember anyone can rent a mask, but you will look like the real deal.

Corpse Bride Costume - Standard - Dress Size 10-12
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you can get various styles of "tattered" wedding dresses online if you don't want to make your own.

Get Started with Your Emily Bride Corpse Look

Step 1 - Make sure you have all you supplies in one spot so you are not running around the house with makeup all over the place.  Maybe keep them all in a box ready to go.

Start with your paper plate and squeeze out a lot of white cream makeup in a blob and then the blue and the green.  In the video she uses a paler green to mix in and create that grey/blue look you need to make this effective.   Play around with it on the plate until you get the right tone.

You can mix a little water with this to make it spread easier and go further.  Using a large makeup brush or even your hands spread this on your face and neck and any part of you that will be showing under that tattered wedding dress.

Leave large areas around your eyes untouched for now.

Step 2 – Create the Large Eyes with the White Eye Liner and fill in the top of your lids with the eye liner and then a second layer with the white cream to really make them stand out.  Create a circle with the white by also outlining and painting under your eyes and if you have dark lashes, then touch them with the white cream to hide them.

Step 3 – Using dark blue eye shadow and a fresh makeup brush outline the white circles of your eyes to add shadow and depth.  This makes them look more 3D and helps with the ghoulish look.  Also you can create a triangle with the blue shadow on the side of your cheek at the same level as your mouth so that you can create the look of teeth showing through rotting skin.

Step 4 – Take your black cream makeup and with a smaller brush, outline your white circle eyes.  Then take the black and create the outline of the eyelids in the blue shadow part above.

Using the black cream and the brush, draw on your fake eyebrows above your white circle eyes.  Then draw on some fake eye lashses.

Step 5 – Draw a black eyeball in the top corner of the white circles.  This will be Emily’s eyes that will appear to be looking slightly upward (check the video below to see the best placement)

Step 6 – Draw small black triangles at your nostrils for the nose and then draw lines in your triangle on the cheek to create teeth and then fill them in with some white cream.

Take some of your dark blue eye shadow and pounce it on a few places on the forehead to create mottled skin.

Step 7 – Take your pink lipstick and overdraw your lips, making them much bigger and fill in with lots of lipstick.  You can dab a bit of white eye shadow or cream on the lips to give them the look of depth.

Step 8 – To finish the Emily Corpse Bride look take a large makeup brush and start using the blue eye shadow for some shading on your cheek bones and down the sides of the nose and on the neck and your chest area.

Step 9 – Put on your wig and veil and your dress and simply close your eyes when you are first greeted at the door either by the host of the Halloween party or to scare the home owners at trick or treat time!

You can get very creative with makeup with these other ideas too, such as Halloween nails or how to make fake scars and creep everyone out, or become a zombie or a sexy cat, you can get cretive

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (Widescreen Edition)
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check out the movie.