Safeguard Your Emotional Health

Spend Emotional Energy Wisely

Your first step is to refuse to give your time, energy and attention to people or situations that are not deserving of any of your emotional energy in the first place. This means giving not time to emotional vampires, narcissists and anyone else who seems intent on just sucking the life force out of you without reciprocating. You can recognize an energy vampire or emotional vampire by how you feel after you have spent time with them. Do you feel completely drained and horrible or do you feel energized and renewed? If you always feel drained and emotionally depleted after a conversation with this person, you need to save your emotional energy and spend it elsewhere. 

Your second step is to get plenty of physical exercise. It’s interesting that spending physical energy actually helps you to conserve emotional energy, but it does. How does this work? Well, exercise is one of the most effective and all natural stress relievers around. In sum, when you exercise, you reduce you stress level, and when you reduce your stress level, it is much easier to save (and actually replenish) your inner resources of emotional energy.

And your third step is to create and/or seek out peaceful situations on a regular basis. You can create a state of inner peace through meditation or Yoga or using visualization techniques, for example. Or you can seek out a peaceful setting by spending some time in nature.

Your fourth step in conserving emotional energy is to focus on what you can control while simultaneously ignoring what you cannot control. In other words, what is within your control is your own attitude and behavior. What is out of your control is the behavior of other people. Some people may try to provoke you in one way or another, but do not allow them to get away with it. Remind yourself that they are simply trying to “push your emotional buttons” and ignore them. Eventually, because they are not managing to get their desired reaction from you, they will stop and go away, and you will emerge emotionally intact and victorious.

When you conserve your emotional energy rather than spending it needlessly or on people who don’t deserve your time or attention, you will have much more precious emotional energy available to you during times of crisis and other emotionally challenging periods in your life.