Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT as it is known by practitioners, is an alternative healing method which is gaining in popularity all over the world. Its creator Gary Craig describes it as a combination of "Mind Body Medicine" and "Acupuncture without needles". Founded in 1995, the EFT has helped many people get rid of physical ailments which they suffered from for years in a matter of minutes.
Gary Craig
There is considerable skepticism about the EFT method as it deals with the energy of the human body which is not conventionally taught to us in school or college. It reduces every thing to energy level, and works on the body's energy field to generate healing almost instantly. The results are pretty astonishing as people with chronic problems suddenly walk away with the problem resolved. The instant reaction is that of disbelief.

When I first saw the video of Gary Craig tapping away on the points and the first person claimed to feel better, I would have bet that he was a plant in the audience. However the cases just kept getting resolved one after the other. Then I felt that it was merely the power of positive thinking. The people wanted to feel better and so became better. However the simple tapping technique and sequence caught my imagination. Could healing serious problems really be so simple?

Just like that I tried it out on myself in the sequence given...and felt no difference. So I went back to thinking that it was some kind of scam. Then I thought to myself, that since I was in perfect health and did not have any emotional unresolved issues, I was not likely to benefit from the tapping anyway. So I decided to keep an open mind and give it a second try. I did not have to wait long. My four year old fell and hurt himself and was howling. So I started tapping on him. The results did surprise me.

At first he felt distracted by my tapping on his points in the sequence shown in the video. Then his howling became less. He started talking about how he hurt himself and calmed down. Next he started talking about how they pushed him in school in the recess and how upset he got with those two boys. Next he calmed down totally and asked me why I was tapping on him. It was just like in the videos. He expelled the two negative emotions in his conscious mind and calmed down instantly.

Ordinarily I would have spent the next half an hour with him comforting him after his fall, but here by using EFT I had calmed him down in under ten minutes. That's when I decided I needed to read the EFT manual in detail and see all the videos too. I am still halfway through the manual and have begun the tapping on myself and my son on a regular basis. There are no drastic changes in our lives as thankfully there are not too many negative emotions trapped here, but I do feel a difference in my energy levels. Is it due to EFT? I can't say for sure yet, but will keep you posted after I finish the full manual.