The Best Kept Secret of Living a Long and Healthy Life

The systematic investigation of any research about the study of longevity in human beings is based generally on their diets, level of physical activity, genes and particularities attached to each individual; nowadays, and thanks to so many studies we know for example that people from Okinawa age slower than the rest of the population of earth and also that they consume enormous quantities of fish but not yogurt; on the other hand we also know that the population from a particular region in the Bulgarian mountains with a very high life expectancy eat great quantities of yogurt, but not fish; although it is true that what you eat, quality of sleep, detoxification and level of stress has an important role if how we age, it is also true that none of these elements has a direct, universal and absolute correlation among all people with a high life expectancy; with the exception of one particular factor.


Best Kept Secret of Longevity

Happy Friends(51638)Credit: Robin HarlowThere is only one category of the human activity that is universal among all cultures with high long life expectancy and still living a healthy life after the age of 90, and it has nothing to do with diet, exercise, sleep or stress; at least not in a direct and absolute form.  In all these societies, people over the age of 90 have a very strong social and familiar connection; that includes their neighbours, family, community and the rest of the structures that form part of their cohesive group. The intangibility of this important pillar of longevity makes it difficult to weigh against all the other factors and although difficult to categorise, we can simple explain it as “Emotional Intelligence”.


One of the definitions among many possible ones but sweet old kissCredit: Robin Harlowappropriate for this specific subject is that emotional intelligence is the sum of everything that affect us directly but at the same time is directly linked with the relationship that we maintain not only with other people, but also with ourselves; that includes the way we handle our emotions and the capacity we have to communicate with others, to express our emotions in a gentle and intelligent way and our capacity to understand others people’s emotions.


Object of Desire by Katie BirksCredit: Katie BirksOnce we are able to understand the properties of emotions, we will be able to take advantage of their power; we could use it to facilitate reasoning, quick resolution of problems, take better decisions; improve communication and how we connect with other people. All these factors have deep implications in longevity. The benefits of emotional intelligence is that you will be able to have a better relationship with people in general, especially the loved ones, producing less stress  and improving the quality of your life. The close ties with the community is important in the process of getting to know yourself and accept just the way you are; this tool is fundamental against the fight to live a long life.


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