Emotions are a big part of our day-to-day lives. They act as a portal for others to interpret what we are thinking or feeling on the inside. More importantly, they influence the way we react, and behave in our world. On top of this, they subconsciously influence how our thoughts are processed and it's ultimately these thoughts that create the meaning for all the information which we are taking in from the environment.

Have you ever experienced the state of frustration? "Why won't it work?! "Why does this always happen to me?" It's not a very motivational state isn't it? In this emotion , we generally tend to focus on what's not happening for us. In other words, we'll tend to see all the negative things that are happening , which in turn makes us more frustrated. By being in a state of frustration, we can sometimes misinterpret situations, and this might not have a positive effect on the people who are involved, especially when they might get offended or annoyed. 

What we probably know but don't consciously realise is that our emotions are interlinked with our physiology, or how we hold our body. For example, if I asked you to describe a depressed person, I'm pretty sure we'll get the same description: shoulders slumped, head down, eyes down and sleepy, hunched or slouched physiology. Alright, now visualize a completely happy and confident person. Are they more energetic, and have their chest out with a strong posture? Do they have a strong smile on their face, and are full of energy? The chances are that the more confident person portrays these characteristics.

So, if our physiology is linked to the emotions we are feeling, then what does this mean for us? Well simply, we can utilize this knowledge to effectively change our state and the way we feel instantaneously. Wouldn't that be great? 

Our physiology is interlinked to our emotions and the way we are feeling.

So, how exactly how does it work?

Simple. What you need to do, when your feeling bored, frustrated, annoyed, angry or any unwanted emotional state, is first, to break your current negative state. You might want to do this by dramatically changing your body and making radical, powerful, movements to first make your physiology shift. You might want to shake your body, jump up and down, and then, put your physiology in the state that you want to. If you want to be confident, then stand upright, chest out, and put a big smile on your face. Now, I agree this sounds really stupid, but if you really take it on and just do it, you'll eventually laugh at how stupid you look, and ultimately, would've changed your state into a more positive one. If you add visualisation, or focusing your thoughts on a particular outcome or state, along with changing your physiology, this state change can happen a lot faster. 

I can appreciate that sometimes it's quite difficult to just up and change your state in the heat of situations, even though your really trying hard to get psyched, and radically shift your physiology. However, there is another alternative method to doing this. You can use the power of words to change your focus by asking yourself a better question, about what this particular situation means to you. By changing your focus, this will change your state of mind and how you act and behave, and ultimately can help cause a state change.

Emotional state control is sometimes seen as something that someone naturally possesses as a skill, however, by now realising what we didn't know before, we can start to take control of our emotional states better, and potentially use it to help put us in the peak state, that we want to be in everyday.