Empathic Reading Types
Credit: Ariel Grimm a.k.a Queercatkitten

Having your energy read by an empath is an eye-opening experience. We're all on an evolutionary journey, and seeing the abilities that have arisen in the human species is nothing short of amazing. When fear can be bypassed, and the right readers selected, exploring the world of psi abilities to receive readings and develop one's own hidden talents proves a very expansive and enlivening experience.


Oracle readings

An empath may focus primarily on oracle readings, or they might only provide them upon request. Before ordering an oracle reading, know there are many different kinds of oracles to choose from. Do a bit of research, and discern which kind you feel most drawn to. If you have your heart set on a certain kind of empath reading, you'll want to be sure you're ordering from an empath who has studied the system.

Empaths aren't restricted to oracles in any way, however. An empath typically doesn't need anything at all to relay what they sense about a matter you bring before them. If they're very good with prediction they can even give you what the strongest potentials are in a situation.

The future works like branches on a tree. Each choice can lead to several possibilities (more or less). If you want to vet your choices in advance, a predictive empath can help. Some will need an oracle, others can predict without them. Yet others will use oracles as an interesting but unnecessary tool.


Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are an empath's area of expertise. They've been subjected to the emotions and unspoken motives of others for so many years, they can easily speak on matters of the inner realms as experts. If an empath is telling you they sense cold feet in a business partner teetering on the investment fence, or they warn you to switch daycares, you would be very wise to listen. As far as its known, empaths cannot “shut off” what they feel. If a full-blown feeling arises in their consciousness with certainty, it can provide you with invaluable information.

Intuitive readings can become undirected if you don't have a list of questions handy, but they will often impart gems you hadn't considered. The general advice is to bring a list you can glance at to help you return to your focus if the reading has spent a lot of time in one area. You do want to make the most of your time. Be open, however, to the unexpected boons that the spirit may be extending to you through the empathic advisor you've chosen to read for you.


Empathic Mediumship

Empathic mediumship is feeling-based, but it is no less potent than other forms of mediumship. If you're not looking for a direct conversation with a loved one or someone who has passed on, you can gain a lot of insight into matters surrounding a death or issues the deceased may wish to have the living focus on. Empaths can sense well-being, and if there is remorse a loved one wants expressed, they can interpret the emotional tug and share the vibe they receive with you.

Keep in mind that this sort of reading is feeling-based when you're preparing your list of questions. Unless an empath is clairaudient, they probably won't “hear” a direct message, but if a loved one wants their clothing taken care of, they may “feel” a love of clothes and a desire for old belongings to be cared for by the client.