Employee Performance Reports are the sheets of paper on which an employee performance review is written upon. It could also be called an employee appraisal form or performance evaluation sheet. They have ended up as part and parcel of working life whether one agrees with them or not and as human resource management in firms they have served as reference guides, flawed as they may be so one must have to work around them. They establish the grounds for appraisals to determine things like raises or promotions and sometimes even retrenchment.They can be done sometimes through employee report software.

The reviewing process is one where employers try to make a performance review in an attempt to evaluate employees, trying to increase communication and encourage good performance and try to find unsatisfactory performance and the problems behind it so as to fix it. Most reports would record items geared towards such an outcome. They would include documented achievements as well as the effects accomplishing the goals and achievements. That also helps for future promotions.

Always keep in mind that there is room for error and that sometimes the performance review will not be a true reflection. Allow employee feedback and response and liaise with the person conducting the review. Look at it objectively and see if the questions raised have merit. If you see inconsistencies then there may be a mistake, to avoid damaging morale and cooperation one would have to undertake steps to rectify it. This kind of errors can damage feelings so it takes a certain thoroughness in looking through it and combing through for mistakes as well as malicious reporting.

If it is a genuine assessment then it is perhaps an accurate reflection of the performance. And that could mean that there is room for improvement from the employee. For example teaching the employee time management

However, it does no good to grind the same axe at the same place over and over again if the possibility of getting a return is too low. There might not be anything to it at all and it is best to solve it directly.