Printed in newspapers and online publications today are several types of employment disputes, including sexual harassment and age discrimination cases. Certainly, there are thousands of other employment cases that we have never heard of or would never hear in the future. But no matter what kind of employment case you have, there is only one person who can provide the best help – an employment law lawyer.

You may ask what employment lawyers have that other attorneys don't – basically, it is their expertise in handling drama in the employment. Aside from being knowledgeable when it comes to legal issues, labor lawyers can also deal with more sensitive topics such as harassment and abuse.

If you are still not convinced, here are the tasks that an employment lawyer can do in a case:

  • Reviewing the employee's contracts, manuals, records, etc. – Before pursuing the complaint, a labor lawyer will review and study the contents of his client's records and other related documents.
  • Providing assistance to federal and state wage and hour laws – Employment attorneys are updated when it comes to laws about minimum wage and working hours.
  • Representing complainants or defendants in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hearings and state courts – In case the complaint proceeds to court, a reliable attorney can represent his client in front of the EEOC or a jury.
  • Representing clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings – There are labor lawyers who are also knowledgeable in handling ADR legal proceedings such as arbitration and mediation.
  • Gathering evidence against the opposing party in an employment dispute – Aside from truth, an attorney values evidence more than anything else in a complaint.
  • Counseling on legal issues related to employment rights and responsibilities – In case an employer needs to deal with a legal issue, he may consult an employment law lawyer.

You see an employment lawyer can do so much more than you can imagine. To maximize an attorney's services, the client should make sure to hire someone who lives nearby. For instance, if the complainant resides in Los Angeles, he should seek legal service from an LA labor law lawyer.

Employment disputes and injustices are already a part of work. That is why you should be ready just in case you face a lawsuit, or you file a dispute case against a supervisor or employer. But you do not need to study employment policies and laws. A Los Angeles employment attorney is all you need to be prepared.