Pressures in the workplace and the demands of one's job create a stressful environment for employees.

The struggle to remain on the job sparks cases of national origin discrimination. Employees of different race or nationality, sometimes experience unfair treatment and lay off/termination. Applicants who do not fit in with certain job qualities may be denied of job opportunity.

Race Discrimination

When the employer creates and implements work policies on the basis of national origin affecting the morale and condition of the employee, it is called race discrimination.

Discrimination covers unreasonable work practices in the process of hiring, retaining, promoting, terminating, or re-assigning workers. Examples of race discrimination:

1. Granting supervisor position to white employees only.

2. Requiring a specific race to undergo drug test.

3. Refusing a specific race to handle customer-related job positions.

National Origin Discrimination may refer to assault in one's skin color, hair texture, or facial features.

Employers need to be careful in implementing policies that have unfavorable cultural and ethnical effect on employees. Employers who have workers from other countries or diverse ethnic background should research practices that have negative impact on their cultural beliefs. Some examples are:

1. Requiring African- American male employees to shave as part of grooming policies. African-American culture naturally grows their beard long as their skin is prone to Pseudofolliculitis barbae. It is a burning skin condition that aches during shaving.

2. Imposing a height requirement for Asian-American and Latino workers.

However, if the employer can prove that a certain job position would require essential physical qualities; then screening should be made in a discreet way. Hiring and promotion decisions on the basis of linguistic or ancestral origin are prohibited.

The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from any type of discrimination that negatively affects one's quality of work or welfare. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission oversees and monitors cases of discrimination althroughout the country. This law also covers issues on age, gender, and religion.

It extends its protection to employees with disability and long-term impairment through the approval of Americans with Disabilities Act.

National Origin Discrimination also refers to harassment and hostile work environment on the basis of color or ethnicity. The Civil Rights Act prohibits any forms of ridicule, joke, and slander, physical assault on the basis of one's color or physical features.

If you have suffered National Origin Discrimination in the workplace, you may file a complaint or lawsuit. Consult a Labor Rights attorney today.