California hotels, as described by the band Eagles, are a “lovely place” – indeed, they are.

California hotel visitors are greeted with warm welcome and are attended to with much gusto; however, according to reports, hotel housekeepers are not treated similarly. Numerous hotel housekeepers are getting injured each year due to relatively harsh and unreasonable work duties.

According to the American Journal of Industrial Micine published in 2009, hotel housekeepers are in threat of various workplace injuries. The study found out that hotel housekeepers are more likely to get injured while working compared with other hoteedl employees like dishwashers and cooks. Furthermore, a study conducted by the Ohio State University has found out that housekeepers have a higher risk of sustaining back injuries than car manufacturer workers.

Due to the growing employment concern about hotel housekeepers getting injured in work, the State of California legislative body has passed Senate Bill 432. The said SB, if signed into law, will require California hotels to lighten mattress sheets to make changing of sheets a more convenient duty for housekeepers. SB 432 will also require hotels to provide housekeepers with long-handled mops so they would no longer need to bend over when cleaning bathrooms.

In case SB 432 will not become a California employment law, hotel housekeepers who get injured due to their work duties can still file for a claim.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), employers are required to prioritize the safety of their workers. The OSH Act requires covered employers to uphold these guidelines:

•    Implement and preserve an Injury and Illness Prevention Program for the benefit of employees.
•    Regularly examine workplaces to identify unsafe and hazardous conditions and to correct them promptly.
•    Make sure that employees use only safe work tools and equipment.
•    Do not discriminate against workers who exercise their rights under OSH Act.
•   Do not retaliate against workers who file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

California hotel housekeepers who believe that they were injured due to the failure of their employers to ensure their safety may file a formal complaint with California OSHA. Cal/OSHA has the faculty to investigate workplace accident-related complaints and to sanction non-complying employers.

Most importantly, workplace accident victims are advised to hire an employment law attorney who can assist them in pursuing a lawsuit against liable employers. Employment lawyers can help workplace accident victims in asserting for workers’ compensation and other recoverable damages.