So what is going on in the world today on Nov 5th?  Well according to alexa the number one thing people are searching online is Empower Network.  I myself have never even heard of empower network so i'll check out their official website to see what they are all about.  And the homepage is telling me all about how I can get tons of money from some fabled commission loophole. All they need is my email well no thanks i've been raised to believe that if something is too good to be true it is.  So I can only hope that I didn't get a virus just from going to the homepage. Which shouldn't be to big of a concern because I am surfing on a mac. However, if you go to their actual site which is spelled with an s it shows a pretty legit looking site talking about network solutions and what not to help out your business. 

Another hot topic just behind Empower Network is Addicting games. Which is no big surprise the gaming industry is huge and still growing. There are tons of website with free games for free that are addicting. Although, this sounds to good to be true it's not, because even though they are providing a free service they are making money from ad revenue. Also, sometimes these sites provide demos that you need to upgrade to unlock the full game.  Which is a win-win situation for everyone you get to see if you would actually want to pay for a game and they get a chance to make money off of you twice once from the advertisers and twice if you buy the game. Just make sure the site is legit before you give them your credit card information. Speaking of addicting games football is surely an addiction for those of us who live in the south.

Also it may not be the biggest thing on the web tonight, at least not yet but the LSU and Alabama game is on tonight. I am not a big fan of football or sports in general.  However, even I enjoy a good play or a spirited game, and tonight it definitely got spirited. I didn't watch more than 5 minutes of the game, but my neighbors let me know about every fumble or touchdown I could hear the cheers and jeers of the game all around me. Since it's not too late it doesn't bother me, it actually makes me chuckle to myself. It is nice to see passion in life even if it is just a game. Final score Alabama 6 LSU 9 in overtime.