When It's Cold

Just before Christmas it turned very cold with snow sometimes as deep as four inches!  Ok this is the UK and  we feel the cold! Out came my thick wool coat, gloves, hat and scarf. I was trying to keep the cold out, but my feet were cold. I would come home at the end of the day with two little blocks of ice at the end of my legs and then sit in front of the fire, nursing my feet back to life. It was a horrible time day upon day of ice and snow and cold feet.

Deciding that I would not survive another cold snap I investigated Sheepskin boots. Lots of my friends have them and never want to lend them when it gets cold. The problem was I didn't know which ones to buy and was hesitant wondering if they were really worth it.  Faced with freezing feet and the pre-Christmas Carol Service, my daughter kindly left her EMU boots in the hall, so I stole them to wear that night.

Warmth at last




I put the boots on and within minutes my feet were warm, it was like wearing a rather special comfortable pair of slippers yet they seem to give a lot of support around the ankle. This is important for growing feet or indeed for today's teenagers who seem to "slop" around everywhere.

As soon as I got home I opened up the Amazon account and with the touch of a button and a credit card number the boots were on their way to me. I bought the stinger model in black as it goes with everything. My daughter has the camel colour which is nice and kind and seems to blend in with everything in her wardrobe.

Emu Boots From Amazon

EMU Australia Women's Stinger Lo Mid-Calf Boot,Charcoal,10 M US
Amazon Price: $144.00 $142.95 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 27, 2015)
These are the ones that I have but mine are in Black which goes with everything

The boots came with a natty label attached that I didn't want to cut off. It said that the boots

were lined  with Micron wool fiber, the finest in Australian Merino wool, which give excellent breath ability and slows any water spreading in the boot. It says that you will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter- not sure about this claim, but it is definitely true that they are warm in the winter. The soles have the word EMU  moulded into them so you can even trace where you have walked through dust or snow.

Two years on and the boots are still doing well- asmittedly they do let in the water if I walk in snow for any distance or allow myself to stand in a puddle but in most circumstances they keep me warm.

In the office, someone said "I see you wear your UGG's when its cold" , "No, I don't these  are Emu's"

I am hooked, and now I realise they make slippers as well,...... where's the credit card??