Emu Boots Aurora

I've been a fan of Ugg Boots for some time now, but it seems this year there's a new kid in town. Yes, according to the style makers, it's time to ditch the Ugg Boots and bring in the Emu Boots.

You may not have heard of Emu boots. To the outsider, the styles on offer and even the company story sounds very similar to Ugg. Both are Australian companies. Both offer the same, sheepskin and merino wool style, suede and leather boots, designed to keep toes toasty in the coldest conditions.

Ironically, so the story goes, the Emu Boots were the (kind of) original Ugg Boots – 'Ugg' was a generic name that had been around to describe that particular style of boots for many years, and while a small Australian company was making the generic 'ugg' boots from around 1979, they had not really taken off elsewhere.

In 1995, Deckers, the company who bought the company making Ugg Boots, was able to capitalize by protecting the Ugg name with patents and began to take the brand worldwide. But in 1994, Emu Australia was already founded.

So, there's your potted history.

Ugg boots and Emu boots do look similar. Where the Ugg Boots are lined with sheepskin, some (but not all) of the Emu brands are lined with merino wool, which some people tend to not be so keen on. Emu boots do come in a little cheaper, and fans say the quality of the workmanship on the Emus is superior, and the soles last longer (and work better in the snow). And they seem to be more waterproof than the womens Uggs.

The fashionistas are loving the addition of straps to this years Emu Boots – check out the Naloo and Aurora styles (I'm lusting after the Aurora). Also, Emu offer some non-Ugg looking styles, such as Kimba and Kings Cross, to ring the changes. Ugg, meanwhile are bringing in leather Uggs, metallic Uggs and more.

I have to say, I love both Uggs and Emus. I own 2 pairs of Emu (Paddington Hi and Kimba Hi) and a pair of Uggs (the Ugg Australia classic short boot, the Bronte Lo). Both brands are coming into their third winter, and are still looking good and keeping my toes snug and toasty. The soles of the womens Ugg boots do appear to have worn down a little more, but other than that – it's really down to personal preference. I only own 2 pairs of Emus because I prefer the variety of styles on offer.

And that, quite probably, is the reason why Emu boots are the new Ugg Boots, in the style stakes. Uggs have had their seasons (and endured far longer than most winter fashion trends) and now it's time for something new to ring the changes. For the fashion conscious – this year is going to be the year of the Emu. Time to get online shoe shopping!

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