Ugg Classic Metallic

It's that time of year. Time to buy the winter boots – or to add them to the Christmas present list.

The fashion pack is moving away from Ugg boots, and now, everyone is raving about the Emu boots. While both brands offer very similar ranges of footwear (and both are Australian companies), there are a few differences. So which is best to buy – Ugg or Emu?

Here are some pointers to help you decide - Ugg Boots or Emu Boots?:

  • Both brands offer the same, sheepskin and merino wool style, suede and leather boots, designed to keep toes toasty in the coldest conditions. If you're looking for a standard style, try both on and choose the one with the best fit. Emu seems to offer slightly better support.
  • Fashion-wise, it's time for a change. Uggs have been the boots to wear for many seasons now, while Emus have been lurking in the sidelines.
  • This season, Emu seem to be ringing the changes a little with some alternatives to the heavy clumpy Ugg styles. Fashionistas are loving the addition of straps to this years Emu Boots – check out the Naloo and Aurora styles (I'm hoping Santa brings me the Aurora). Also, Emu offer some non-Ugg looking styles, such as Kimba and Kings Cross, to ring the changes.
  • Ugg have got some quite different styles on offer this season, including leather Uggs, classic fashion Uggs with a metallic finish (see image above), Caspia, which are a short leather style, and a Kensington motorcycle style.
  • Where all womens Ugg Boots are lined with sheepskin, some (but not all) of the Emu brands are lined with merino wool, which some people tend to not be so keen on. I have a wool lined pair and yes, they are marginally less snug and warm, but it's not a massive difference.
  • Emu boots are double interlocking stitched, while Uggs are single stitched, meaning the Emus should be more durable.
  • Emu boots have a support for the arch of the foot, where Uggs are flat. This means that Emu boots are a little better in terms of being good for feet.
  • Emu boots do come in a little cheaper. Some fans say the quality of the workmanship on the Emus is superior, and the soles last longer. Others argue the same for Uggs. My experience is that the Emus have more grip in the snow, and seem to be more waterproof than the Uggs. The soles of my Emus seem to be just outlasting the Uggs right now, but it's a close call.

Whatever you choose, the truth is both brands are warm, cosy, practical and look great. Find a style you love, and go for it!

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