Rendered from the fat of the flightless Australian indigenous bird, emu oil has many uses and benefits. Like its Australian comrade, tea tree oil, emu oil is proven effective for treating a long lineup of skin conditions.Emu Oil Uses and BenefitsCredit: pixabay

What makes it stand out among its peers, besides its source, is its fast, deep absorption into the skin. It penetrates unlike others. This signature characteristic makes it the ideal carrier, especially for essential oils. Great for improved hair growth when combined with the cell stimulating and regenerating rosemary oil. Powerful remedy when mixed with lavender oil for painful skin conditions. 

Pain RelieverEmu Oil Uses and BenefitsCredit: harrb

There is a relieving effect when topically applied over areas of joint, nerve, or arthritic pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil serve to reduce swelling and remedy aches and soothes away discomfort..

Hair CareEmu Oil HairCredit: pixabay

When it is applied as a hair treatment, the results are a shiny, healthy head of hair. It remedies dry, brittle hair as well as rids itchy, dry scalp. It is an effective anti-dandruff. There are many reports of users experiencing new hair growth attributed to emu oil use.

Treating Burns

A major attribute it receives is the success burn victims have enjoyed with the healing of their wounds. There are many online sources with testimonials and photographic evidence of the healing properties of emu oil for severe burn treatment. The healing process hastens as well as the appearance of the scar much less profound. 

Skin Conditions and Dry SkinEmu OilCredit: GaborfromHungary

Tames the incessant itch and throbbing ache of multiple skin conditions, such as eczema. It is remarkable the effects of rubbing on a dry face or hands the rendered fat from what is essentially a giant chicken. Not for the squeamish.

Scars and Stretch Marks

Just as with burns, it is an effective remedy in the diminishing of appearances of scar tissue and stretch marks. Regular application yields the rejuvenating results. 

Tattoo Healing

It is often recommended for those recently tattooed as a lotion to use in the healing process that follows. The natural moisturizing effects soothe and repair skin cells. 

Buyer Beware 

The increased popularity and demand has given way for scams. The president of the American Emu Association has warned consumers that some producers, as to keep up with demand and churn a profit, are cutting the pure emu oil with canola and soybean oil. With unregulated industries, consumers must conduct due diligence as to not be ripped off.