Emu oil benefits for hair growth has shown to be helpful for those fighting baldness. Studies for emu oil for hair growth have been encouraging. According to Australia studies, emu oil can produce up to 80% of hair growth. Emu oil benefits the skin and helps rejuvenate it. Emu oil benefits for hair growth allow for new hair follicles to grow. How is emu oil helpful for preventing baldness? Well, emu oil is a DHT blocker. 95% of baldness is related to DHT.

Despite a lot of myths of baldness, it's caused by too much Dihydrotesterone in the body. The enzyme called 5 alpha reductase in the scalp combines with a testosterone, then it produces DHT. When DHT latches onto a hair follicle, it kills it. Which then prevents new hair follicles from growing. When DHT continues to attack enough hair follicles, it eventually leads to baldness. Finding a natural DHT blocker is how you help cure baldness.

According to a study in Boston University, a study was done on mice using emu oil. The mice were shaved. According to the study, 20% of new hair follicles were grown. 80% of the hair follicles grown were asleep, according to Dr. Michael Holick who did the study. Sometimes hair follicles are in a "sleep state" and emu oil can help wake them up.

Emu oil is a natural DHT blocker and can help produce new hair follicles for those with thinning hair. It can at least stop baldness and save what hair you still have. Emu oil is not a guarantee treatment for curing baldness. Studies have only shown it can help treat, or even prevent baldness. What makes up emu oil? Where does emu oil come from? Its very high in essential fatty acids. Fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 are largely found in emu oil.

Emu oil comes from a fat found in a Australian bird. For vegetarians, yes, it comes from an animal. A emu bird looks like a ostrich and is about 5 to 6 feet tall. The fat comes from the back of the bird. Emu oil is proven to be anti-inflammatory. The largest fat found is called oleic acid. It comes from omega-9 fatty acids. Emu oil can heal wounds and be used to treat pain. Emu oil benefits include the skin, and there are emu oil soaps, along with emu oil shampoos on the market.

So why choose emu oil for hair loss? There are no emu oil side effects. No rashes, allergies, or anything of that nature that will result from using emu oil. So many hair loss supplements, or medications come with severe side effects. Not only is the price on emu oil reasonable, its safe to use. Emu oil is FDA approved.

Where to buy emu oil

Well, emu oil is probably not going to be found at your local drug or health stores. If you're looking to buy emu oil, then doing so online is your only bet. I'd recommend researching on the emu oil you're looking to buy. I would check places like Amazon, ebay, and drugstore.com for places to buy the oil. One of these places are sure to have refined emu oil for reasonable prices.

What kind of emu oil to buy

You should buy refined 100% pure emu oil. Emu oil should come without added chemicals or impurities. You want organic, 100% pure refined emu oil. There should be a certified sticker saying refined emu oil. Pure emu oil will provide the best results for fighting hair loss.

Who will benefit from using emu oil for hair loss

Those who are experiencing thinning hair on the top of their head will probably benefit the most. Emu oil can help wake up sleeping hair follicles. If you're experiencing thinning on the top, then you should consider emu oil. It's cheap, safe, and easy to use. Emu oil might even help re-grow hair in the front better than rogaine. Its hard to get back hair in the front. Even when using products like rogaine and minoxidil.

How to use emu oil for hair loss

Just apply a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand. Rub on your scalp where you're thinning or going bald. You can leave it there for about an hour, then wash with shampoo. I'd suggest rubbing some on your scalp before going to bed, then leaving it there while you sleep. Then washout when you wake up. Emu oil will penetrate through the skin and help thicken up the skin's tissue. It will rejuvenate cells in your scalp, helping to hair follicles to grow.

Buy emu oil and see the results within 3 months.