Emu bird

The best way to remove wrinkles naturally might be with organic products like emu oil. Emu oil for wrinkles are helpful because of the high fatty acids found in emu oil. Emu oil has proven to be anti-inflammatory and helps thicken the skin by a 50% increase. There are a lot of anti-aging creams and anti wrinkle treatments out on the market. It can be difficult finding the truth of what wrinkle treatment that actually work. A lot of claimed top wrinkle reducers can sometimes cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The best part of using emu oil for wrinkles is that not only is it effective, but rather cheap.

So what is emu oil, and where does it come from? Emu oil comes from the fat on the back of a emu bird. Emu is an Australian bird. The bird looks like an ostrich, and is about 5 to 6 feet tall. The Australians have been of emu oil for hundreds of years for treating numerous of skin conditions. It's a natural pain reliever, and the oil penetrates deep into the skin's pores. Emu oil's high fatty acids help promote proper skin growth, along with eliminating free radical attacks on the skin.

Emu oil is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, and non-comedogenic. Meaning pure emu oil doesn't contain harmful toxins that cause allergies to the skin, or does it clog skin pores. Emu oil can make for a useful skin condition which penetrates rather easily into the skin's dermis. Emu oil can protect the skin from sun damage as well. Emu oil for wrinkles are effective, since its quite high in omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fats.

When trying to remove wrinkles naturally, emu oil alone shouldn't be used as your only solution. Anti wrinkle treatments usually consist of multiple remedies and diets. Helpful ways to remove wrinkles naturally can include proper diets, reducing alcohol consuming, avoid smoking, and eating foods that contain a high amount of antioxidants. Wrinkles come with age, and lack of nutrition provides poor skin protection. Emu oil is providing with the proper fats to help repair skin cell damage, and reduce the effects of aging.

How do wrinkles appear?

Wrinkles appear as we age. Eventually, we'll all have wrinkles. The older we get, the more we need nutrition, diets, and sometimes anti wrinkle treatments as well. When free radicals attack the skin, wrinkles of the skin can be the result. When there's not a high quality of antioxidants to fight off free radical attacks, then the body and skin becomes vulnerable for attack.

Sun light can kill skin cells and is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and skin conditions. Great thing about emu oil is that it helps protect the skin from sun damage. As you start to age the body doesn't produce as many antioxidants to fight free radical attacks. Wrinkles, and health diseases then become more common. Emu oil can help provide an increase of blood flow to skin cells, which can help heal damaged skin.

Skin pigments can play a part it skin production as well. Light skin people that don't have a high amount of melanin can easily be damaged from sunlight. Smoking is one of the leading causes from aging skin. Toxins from smoking is harmful to the skin, and increases free radical attacks.

The best emu oil for wrinkles

The best emu oil for wrinkles should be pure and organic emu oil. Emu oil isn't added with chemicals that might provide harmful toxins, or is it diluted from its purity. When buying the best emu oil, you'll want to make sure it is labeled refine emu oil. There should be a certified sticker on the product brand, to ensure its organic properties. Emu oil doesn't come with side effects, its naturally formed from fatty acids that the body requires. Emu oil usually won't be found in health stores. Emu oil can be bought online at places like amazon and ebay.

Other emu oil products for wrinkles

Pure emu oil can be helpful for treating wrinkles specifically. However, emu oil soaps can also provide healthier skin as well. Preventing wrinkles requires proper antibacterial products. Emu oils being organic, and natural can be very helpful in maintaining healthier skin. Emu oil provides thicker skin, that allows skin cells to grow and reduces harmful free radical attacks of the skin as well. Emu oil shampoos are available for hair. Emu oils has had effects on preventing and treating hair loss.

How much emu oil for wrinkles should I use?

Emu oil absorbs into the skin's dermis quite fast. You don't need a lot of emu oil. For best cases, I'd apply to the face twice a day. Just use about a tablespoon as a moisturizer. After you wash your face in the morning, apply emu oil to the face. Then apply the oil on your face before going to sleep. It doesn't have a very strong smell, but too much of the oil might provide a headache from the odor. Emu oils can provide an even skin tone, so it can also be useful for dark circles under your eyes and dark spots on the skin.