The awareness of maintaining good oral hygiene is on the rise and many people are opting for regular dental checkups and treatments. To offset the high cost of treatment, it is wise to invest in one of the dental insurance plans. Encore dental insurance company provides some of the best insurance deals as far as dental health is concerned.

Encore dental insurance has a wide range of options to choose from and is a full-service provider as far as dental health is concerned.

Highlights of the Standard Encore Dental Insurance Plans

The standard plan offered by encore dental insurance caters to the basic needs of regular checkups and treatments. Besides this, it also has an option of major service coverage of various eventualities that can be included based on your needs.

Plan A and Plan B

The first year of operation of the encore dental insurance standard plan includes regular checkups, scaling and cleaning, x-rays and certain benefits like fluoride treatment as part of the package at no additional cost for those members who opt for Plan A. For the others, who opt for Plan B, these services are offered at just 50 per cent of their costs.
Certain basic services like dental fillings, anesthesia, etc are also offered at 50 per cent coverage of the services.
After the initial 12 months, the members have to pay just 50 per cent of the fees that is charged for any of the services like treatment of crown, oral surgery, root canals treatment, dentures, etc.
For these services, the annual premium is very affordable and the benefit is $1000 for Plan A and $850 for Plan B.

Encore Dental Insurance 1-2-3 Plan

This plan is tailor made for those clients who want complete coverage at all times. The clients who opt for this plan get immediate benefits of the Encore Dental Insurance scheme.

The Encore Dental Insurance 1-2-3 Plan includes 100% diagnostic treatments at all times and the basic services are based on the coverage of 20 per cent along the first year, 30% services through the second year, and the balance 50% coverage during the third.

The premium is very affordable and is just $50 per year for a three-year package. The annual benefits from this plan are very high to the tune of $500 during the first year and going up to $1,250 during the third.

Supplemental Plan

As is obvious by the name, the supplemental plan is in addition to any of the Encore Dental Insurance Plan that a client already has. This is to cover certain additional facilities, which may not have been included in the basic plan. It offers coverage of 50% costs for any treatment and is available at an annual premium of $50, and offers a maximum benefit of $1,250.

The procedure for making a claim under Encore Dental Insurance Plan is very simple and user-friendly, especially so if the services of one of the affiliated dentists are availed.