There are literally thousands of travellers bypassing many towns through lack of improvisation from the towns themselves. It would be so easy to encourage and increase travellers to your town with a little ingenuity by a few members for very little cost.

After travelling back and forth across Australia and going right around this wonderful countryside for more than forty years we cannot believe the lack of ingenuity of some of these towns. Many seaside towns charge exorbitant rates for a couple of people to stay in a caravan park for a night. I was quoted $80 to stop in one on the Queensland coast.

When travelling remember to stop often for a coffee and to stretch your legs.

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Towns Need to do more for travellers

Lack of parking areas in towns when towing a caravan

It does not matter what size the town is the majority do not provide enough decent parking areas for people towing caravans. Because of this they will miss out on valuable money spent in their towns. Most travellers carry enough fuel to allow them to bypass towns that are not traveller friendly.

Many towns don't appear concerned about this; although they to rethink about the money they are losing. 

If they stopped and took five minutes to watch the amount of caravan driving straight through their towns they might understand that people are now aware that town does nothing to help the traveller.

They are losing a lot of revenue by not being traveller friendly. I know for a fact, through my own experiences and from speaking to hundreds of unsatisfied travellers that people will not stay if they cannot park near a shopping centre.

If you cannot find a suitable parking spot within walking distance of the shopping area, most caravan travellers will give the town a wide berth.  They have also heard down the travellers grapevine that the next town is traveller friendly.

Traveller Friendly towns

The traveller friendly town is scooping the rewards, receiving money from each of these travellers because the majority will spend between $2-$300 on their shopping and filling up with fuel while some will spend even more than that.

If for example 20 people go to a traveller friendly town every day can you imagine how much money that town is gaining in a month or a year? The novelty or take-a-way shops and the tourist museums and many other places will also gain from this extra income.

Grey Nomad travellers and budget families

Let’s face it most travellers these days have to watch their expenses. At least the grey nomad’s in particular, mainly want access to power and a shower, they do not need the huge childrens playgrounds. Yes budget families would like the kids to have somewher safe to play but they would not entertain paying those high prices because they could not afford it.

Nor would the majority of young families with several children wanting a holiday by the seaside be able to afford those high prices.

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What your town can do to encourage travellers

Things your town could do to encourage travellers to stay

  • Towns need to be traveller friendly
  • Supply areas for caravaners to park close to shopping areas
  • Supply free stop over near a service station, roadhouse, hotel or corner store
  • Install a free toilet for the travellers use

If the town goes to the trouble of installing a toilet for a small price in comparison to the rewards on the free site for instance, the majority of those travellers will go to the pub for a few drinks or a meal or fuel up their car or buy groceries from that town.

If there is already a Caravan park in the town then that caravan park needs to make an attempt at giving customer service at reasonable rates.  That way people will call again. Rip them off and you will never see them again. Your loss.

Showgrounds or sporting ovals

This is another option for towns to increase revenue from the travellers. If some towns like in Canberra can offer tourists the chance to stay in these with powered or unpowered sites at a cheap rate then I am sure other towns could do the same.

Travellers can make use of their existing ablution facilities without the need to outlay any extra funds to help their towns keep the travellers spending their money in their areas.

Nyah Harness Club Free overnight stopover

This town is very friendly. They allow caravaners to stay here and watch the trotting horses practice, the many football and basketball teams train on the oval.  Also on Thursday nights after training they put on a meal. We had Chicken snitzels and chips for $10.

Saturday markets at Nyah

Once a fortnight they have a market at this same area where you can buy fresh fruit and vegies and all the normal marketable stuff.  This is all not only entertaining but helps the travellers and the town. And if you are very lucky you may even catch an edible fish in the Murray River while relaxing on the shore. 

It is a win, win situation.  The town is helping the traveller and in turn the travellers are spending their hard earned money in that town.

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Free overnight Camping stops

Do not knock the odd free overnight stop until you have tried it. Many travellers now look for these to help supplement their budget and avoid staying in caravan parks. More and more travellers are now installing solar panels on their caravans’ even campers in tents will carry the portable solar panels enabling them to watch TV or for lighting and charging phones.

Many of the free overnight camping areas are very traveller friendly. By that I mean people talk more to each other more so than when stopping in a caravan park. This is where they share their lists of best places to see and stay overnight. And as everyone knows bad new and bad experiences travel quicker, so if you have been ripped off in a caravan park, these travellers will tell you to avoid it.

Some free areas supply showers and toilets; some even have lawn to put your tent on, while others only offer a place to park your caravan or tent. No most do not supply power.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth and good news travels fast, travellers talk to each other, especially when having a happy hour in the evening; this is the best type of telegraph system and it works all over the world. Help one another to live more economically and everyone will be better off.

Travelling with pets

For a long time many caravan parks refused to allow travellers with pets into their parks even some of the bigger ones with the monopoly would not accept pets. In many cases people like me love their pets and would therefore never leave them behind.

Many more have now realised that if they accept pets on leads in their parks they will enjoy a more financial return.

Power Resources for your caravan

Solar Panels

More and more travellers are installing solar panels on their caravans. These can be installed flat on the roof of the caravans. You can also set them up on roof racks on their cars to recharge their batteries and keep the fridge and freezers working.


These are good if you really have to use your microwave. Although use a little common sense and do not park too close to other vans and please do not run them after 9pm at night. Some people are light sleepers and may need their sleep as they need an early start in the morning.

Warning: Make sure that you never ever place your working generator under an open window. If you do; then you may never see the another sun rise. This works the same way as putting a hose in your car from your exhaust pipe.