Teach your child how to crochet

People have been crocheting for centuries, and it is a wonderful craft to teach your children. We all need to encourage our children to learn how to crochet so as to keep this magnificent craft active for not only our children but our grandchildren. Crochet is a great way to keep our children active and away from sitting glued to the TV, playing video games or straining their eyes on the computer.


This is a way of getting them to sit outside in the sunshine and challenge their friends to create their own gifts for family and friends. Crochet will also teach them creativity and something that they can also do on their own. It is easier for small fingers to manage than knitting which takes two needles.


What you need to get started

Thread -Let your child choose a nice bright color of their choice to work with. Do not select a fine thread to begin with as it will be harder for them to see the tiny stitches. In the beginning children will be impatient to see it grow so choose a medium 8 ply wool as it would make it grow quicker.

Crochet Hook – I would suggest a medium size hook to go with the thicker wool as this will be easier to manage and see if they drop the stitch. Plus it will also help it grow quicker. Make sure the hook is a contrasting color to the wool as it will be easier to see the stitches.

Relax and be comfortable - Choose a comfortable place like a lounge so you can sit next to the child you are teaching in a well lit area. It is a good idea for you to have a crochet hook and wool of your own to show her how to do it one step at a time.


Learn How to Crochet

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Think of something to Create

Choosing what to create - The simplest thing to do in the first place is to crochet squares. That way they can do all different colored squares which will stop them from becoming bored. They could also crochet squares using up all your scraps of different colors. These can then be joined together to give the blanket to their nana or give you for Mother’s day.

They could also build a continuous length to create a nice warm scarf for the winter, either for themselves or a friend.

Before creating anything, give them some scrap wool and show them how to form a loop, make a chain with just a few stitches. They can even unpick this and do it again to make sure they know how to do it. When they have done a few rows show them how to cast off with a small amount of stitches, so they can see that they have actually crocheted a few rows.

Then teach them how to do a double crochet if they feel confident to continue. That way it doesn’t matter if they make mistakes and split the wool.

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Learn how to Crochet a square

Instructions on how to make a crochet square

Show your child how to make a loop (which will make the first stitch) when they have done that show them how to make a chain.

Make 25 chain stitches, which will be your first row. Show them how to turn it around then teach them how to form a double crochet.  Be sure they understand how to put the yarn around the hook correctly. This is often where it becomes confusing to children.

To make the work grow quicker, teach your child how to do a treble crochet stitch. This will of course depend on the age and ability of the child to pick up your instructions.

It doesn’t matter if they make a mistake as that is part of learning so you need to be patient, and encourage and support them to do their best.

When it is big enough for a square cast off and then start another one. Make them in all different colors.

Other simple things for them to crochet

Your child could also crete simple things like a bookmark, a dishcloth, facecloth, scarf or why not try to make their own crochet coat hangers or even a small blanket for their doll.

Whatever they learn to crochet, be sure to encourage and support them on their achievements. This will give them confidence to challenge themselves to do other more complicated projects.

Once they have achieved the basics of this or mums may like to try their hand at filet crochet.

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