We live in an extremely wasteful society these days. Go to a restaurant or shop and it is evident instantly. People throw away things well before their product life has ended, meaning that another one has to be produced to satisfy their demand next time. In fact, people waste things on an even higher level in the comfort of their own home. Tenants of properties throughout the UK are wasting cash on gas and electricity, every single day. Now there is a chance to help reduce the waste, by putting money saving opportunities in their hands.

How Is It Wasted?

There are hundreds of ways to waste utilities. Most people leave the odd light on for 30 minutes, or forget that if they are only making one cup of tea, boiling a kettle full is a waste. That being said, others are wasting on a much larger scale. For example, many people go out of the house, to work, for 8-9 hours or more. These same people are leaving their heating on, which costs them directly. Why? They either forget to turn it off, or simply want their house to be warm at the same time.

What Have Tenants Got To Do With It?

Those that have not owned their own house will not know the feeling. People that own their own house will generally take much more care of it in every single way. Everything from spending more time in the garden, to ensuring that each room is decorated nicely, is likely to be covered. Not having an attachment to a house, means that it is going to be treated with less respect and generally, less care overall. Having this attitude in the home is likely to be transferred when it comes to waste and generally, tenants will be more wasteful than homeowners.

How Will Picking An Energy Supplier Help?

Picking an energy supplier is about saving money. By switching energy suppliers, people have been known for save over 20% in the past. The annual dual fuel bill is over £1300 now, which means you are giving these people the chance to save £260 or more, every single year. Ultimately, they will then have control over the energy supplier and they will also have a keen interest in the actual energy bills themselves. Explaining that a few energy saving tricks could save them a further percent or two, is likely to be right up their street.

The Scale

This might seem like a small fish in the big sea, but every little does really make a big difference. If thousands of landlords did the same thing, then thousands of people would be saving money, but there would also be a lot less pollution at the same time, so everyone turns out to be a winner. Finding suppliers is easy. Any tenant that is struggling to find utility suppliers, or does not really know which one to pick, can log onto the internet and find the supplier of their dreams within a matter of minutes.