Angular Chelitis

Believe it or not, you can end your seemingly endless battle with Angular Chelitis much sooner than you think. In fact, you can put a stop to the unsightly and painful affliction within twenty-four hours. Due to a relatively new discovery by a father of a teenager who had suffered with the illness for years, you too can be cured of Chelitis.

One hundred percent of cracked mouth corner sufferers receive immediate relief and almost all of them are cured within two days. This is amazing news to those who have struggled with this repulsive looking disease for a long time.

If you are one of the ones that has been enduring mouth corner sores for many weeks, months or even years it is literally impossible for you to believe that a simple overnight natural cure for Angular Chelitis could effective in wiping the hideous blight from your lips, mouth, and face in such a short time.

You long term sufferers know that once the painful and embarrassing affliction takes hold, it is extremely difficult to get rid of. In fact, the longer you have the awful lip and mouth corner cracks, the deeper and angrier looking they get. Those mouth corner sores literally become your life, don't they?

Typically, the Candida fungus causes Angular Chelitis. The fungus is always on the lips but under the right circumstances, it can grow like wild fire. When conditions are right, a fungal bacterial infection becomes entrenched in the corners of your mouth. What this loving dad found out was that the fungus needs a steady moisture supply in order to continue growing. He discovered a simple Angular Cheilitis treatment that isolates the fungal bacterial infection away from its needed moisture rich environment.

There are other less typical causes for Chelitis infections. Certain B vitamin deficiencies can cause it, and in some 3rd world countries, malnutrition can also cause it. Additionally, sleep drooling and badly fitting dentures or not dentures in elderly people can cause the illness. Both drooling and badly fitting dentures result in a constant moisture supply to the mouth corners.

Also, one of the big reasons that Angular Chelitis is such a worldwide problem is that people who work outside and children who play outdoors lick their lips in order to soothe them. The hot sun parches the lips, and so does cold and windy weather. The regular and sometimes constant licking provides the fungus with the moisture it needs to grow.

There are a number of over-the-counter medications that are sold to help with the nasty and painful symptoms, but they rarely do anything other than aggravate the problem even further. The same can be said for the tubes of useless %1 hydrocortisone creams that your Doctor may prescribe for you.

The reason these topical creams and ointments fail to cure your Angular Chelitis is they don't prevent the moisture from collecting in the mouth corners. The cure for Angular Chelitis must include some method for depriving the fungal bacterial infection of its moisture rich environment.

And, that is just what the online at-home Angular Chelitis treatment does. It isolates the infection away from the saliva in needs to flourish. The amazing yet simple remedy works within as few as three hours, and typically within twenty-four hours all your unsightly symptoms have disappeared. The deep, crusty sometimes bloody and oozing cracks will return to normal healthy skin.

If you or one of your kids has Chelitis, you can rest assured that now with this online Angular Chelitis cure you can see new normal skin where the bothersome mouth corner splits used to be.