A New World Order (NWO) is emerging and if you don't want to be caught off guard, then read this article and check out my sources which will help you to prepare for uncertain times ahead.

I am sure you've heard the dreadful prophesies of Dooms Day and the New World Order; they are very popular topics in this age. Former presidents Clinton and Bush spoke of the New World Order several times. Henry Kissinger speaks of his avid support and leading role in the organizations and Jesse Ventura openly seeks to expose these groups in his new show "Conspiracy Theory." Many key individuals speak openly about these organizations and ideals and I've decided to put these rumors to the test. I haven't just shrugged them off by saying they would pass or fade out of popularity. I have actually listened to what people have said about it and did the research for myself, which is what you all should do, too. I want to tell you that these things are not myths or rumors and that as major global change keeps moving forward, your life will be very different than it is now. If you have any reservations, check out my links and see for yourself. I am assuming that you are a smart person who wants to be prepared for adversity, don't let me down. Don't be a follower, be a leader!

The New World Order: First of all, don't think your creepy new love affair with Obama will save you from this one; he's on board. Yes, Obama is in favor of throwing us to the wolves of the NWO. The New World Order is a dream of the world's biggest snobs; political leaders, the elite, the wealthiest nobility and many of the dirt bags that run this country. You may also know the NWO people as the Illuminati. These are old...I mean extremely old...bloodlines that are ancient, powerful, and so very charmingly inter-related! What could be better than inbred, elite, ego-maniacs planning our demise! The Goal: Complete control of the citizens of the Earth. In fact, to make this goal easier to accomplish they have a very special plan for us...to eliminate 5.5 billion people of the world! The Illuminati is so secretive that they don't even know what each other are up to! There are many levels: Council of 3, Council of 5, Council of 7, Council of 9, Council of 13, Council of 33, The Grand Druid Council, The Olympians, and the Committee of 500. Oh how Grand! Don't you wish you were on a council? Here are a few hi-lights of what is in store for us: ~ one monetary system ~ one religion ~ non-elected rulers ~ feudal society ~ limited children ~ inflicted disease, war & famine ~ elimination of middle class, only rulers & servants ~ total world population of 1 billion people ~ welfare state ~ elimination of private firearms and the list goes on and on. Do I have your attention yet? I'm not making this up. This is no fairy tale. These are topics of discussion among the worlds leaders and they have been discussed for a long time. They will all come together soon! Don't you want to be informed? In fact, if you have been following the world news you should recognize many of these unfortunate situations since many have already come into fruition.

The History: Most of the major problems that have happened in the past 100 years have been orchestrated by these elite. ~ The Spanish-American War ~ World War I, II ~ The Great Depression ~ Nazi Germany ~ Korean War ~ Vietnam War ~ Gulf War ....the list goes on and on. They can all be traced to the worlds elite and Illuminati and the House of Rothchild...yuck.

FEMA: You think they are your friends, think again! Created in 1979, FEMA stated that democracy is basically going to be our downfall and that a government that doesn't have control over it's citizens will fail. 1982 - under Reagan - DIRECTIVE 47: Legalities as we know them will be waived in a time of emergency. 1990 - under Bush - PUBLIC LAW 101-647: President can declare an emergency anytime he wants to and enforces FEMA to take charge of everything, including handing us over to a National Police Force consisting of: ~ Black uniforms ~ specially selected military personnel ~ National ID cards ~ martial law...under direction of FEMA, not the government or president.

I have so much information and I don't want to overload you! I know it's hard to swallow, especially if you have a network of family and friends who do not believe this or support you. The good news is that there are LOTS of people who do believe and are educated with their facts in this matter. In these times, the people who turn a blind eye will be sorry. People who are too scared or stubborn to face the truth will be the ones who will suffer. Be armed with the truth, be ready to fight for your rights and your freedom!

I have so much more information on controversial and important topics in American History. If you are interested in it, let me know in the comments section.